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Nursing resume template free download

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This is a perfect resume format for a clinical nurse. It is well-formatted, and it is very easy to find the required details at once. It has provisions for education, languages, work experience, training, certifications, activities, and references.

This is a perfect hospice nurse resume, and it is in Word file and hence, anyone can edit it according to their requirements. It has a sample professional summary filled with action words followed by core qualifications, skills, and experience.

This is a complete set of Sample Nurse Resumes with cover letters and other necessary instructions for an aspiring volunteer nurse. It contains multiple formats and samples for writing creative and stunning resumes of different kinds. The sample cover letters are equally important and well-designed.

The sample resumes are for students, graduates, and professionals to use them as a reference to prepare their stunning resumes so that they can create an impressive image of themselves in the mind of the interviewers when they go through the resumes.

One can also edit them to put minimum effort to prepare their resumes as per need. There are several types of resumes catering to different types of nursing jobs. There are Sample Statements that contain action words and phrases that will create the necessary impact. This is a Sample Resume for a Registered Nurse job. Looking for free nursing resume templates? Before nurses can secure their nursing jobs , they must go through the application period.

This includes creating a resume , submitting a nursing portfolio, and going through the interview process. So it is very important that when creating a resume that the nurse creates a resume that will stand out and grab the employers attention.

The first thing that needs to be done is to select a resume template. You can create your own through programs such as Word or you can find free resume templates online like the free nurse resume templates below.

When selecting a resume template make sure they are neat and organized. Avoid nurse resume templates that are cluttered. Think of the resume as an advertisement to the customer which is the employer that will lure them in to set-up an interview with you. The resume is a short one piece of piece no more than two that gives the employer a short summary of your education, certifications, skills, and achievements.

Try not to confuse the resume with a nurse portfolio. A nurse portfolio is a collection of the supporting documents that supports your resume. For more information on nurse portfolio check out our article on it. These rn resume templates are free for you to use. They were developed by us and you can use them as you please. They are in Microsoft Word. It is completely free! Once you have downloaded the templates you can edit them and add your own content.

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Also, the system can get confused pretty easily. It does what it is configured to do, nothing more and nothing less. While many employers use ATS, there are definitely employers who still rely on human resource professionals to screen resumes. In those instances, a human resources professional usually skims the resumes and invites the most qualified candidates in for an interview. The problem here is that most employers will receive hundreds of resumes for a single opening.

To get through the resumes quickly, the HR professional may resort to a simple scan of the resumes knowing that even qualified applicants may not make it. The best way to design an effective, attention-grabbing resume is by making strong assertions in the beginning followed by supporting evidence.

It is good to note that in recent years, some employers have started to use artificial intelligence in a different way - during the interview process. Rather than having strict filters for their resume ATS, they are offering more candidates the opportunity to interview, but there is a catch. The interviews are one-way interviews, meaning there is only a computer asking the questions and no one watching you.

ATS requires candidates to enter data on the front end. Raise your hand if you never heard back from an employer after applying online? Now, keep in mind that it can be difficult to stand out when you are applying for a job online, especially when there is an ATS involved.

As you consider your overall job search strategy, try to think of other ways that can increase your chances of getting a job. There are three types of resume layouts. This layout focuses on career history and lists jobs in reverse chronological order. We recommend this type for the majority of healthcare professionals and will focus details of this article on the format.

It is best suited for:. This layout places the emphasis on skills and deemphasizes work history. However, it does not pass the ATS test well and hiring managers overall do not prefer it. We recommend against this layout for the majority of nursing professionals. Typically, people who use this format are:.

This layout is a mixture of the reverse chronological and the functional resume. While it places emphasis on skill sets, abilities, and accomplishments, it also highlights applicable work history.

We recommend this type for nursing professionals with the following background, goals, and barriers:. As mentioned, modern resumes need to be formatted to pass an ATS. This includes designing it in a comprehensive way that will not confuse the ATS. We recommend the following design and formatting features:.

Many experts believe this strikes the perfect balance of text to white space. You may think a justified alignment looks tidier, but it can leave uneven gaps between words and ultimately make text harder to read. In the nursing profession, length should not be the focus of the resume.

While we recommend pages, some nurses may have resumes with 3 or more pages. If the resume is slightly over the page amount by a few lines try changing the margin, font style, font size or shortening statements.

Bottom line is, it should look visually appealing and should include keywords. However, this is your personal preference. Take note that Times New Roman can be difficult to read if it is smaller than 11pt. If you are striving for a resume that looks visually appealing when printed, there are great ways to achieve that without going overboard with design. Or, you could try a font pairing, such as Times New Roman or Baskerville for headings serif fonts and Calibri or Arial for the body sans serif fonts.

An important note: different font styles will take up different amounts of space, even when set to the same size. Notice how the two following statements look vastly different with different font style both at 11pt :.

Experienced Travel Nurse with 8 years experience in critical care nursing. Throughout the resume, there should be different sized fonts. We recommend the following for each section:. We recommend keeping the resume very simple. Basic bullet points black dot may be used when desired. Simple lines are acceptable as well.

This is the first section on the resume and does not require a title. Your name should be front and center. While there are varying opinions on the exact placement of the name, we recommend a simple classic version in the following format:. Name: We suggest setting your name to a size font, the name should also be bolded. If you go by a different name make sure to list both names on the resume.

More on this below. However, this is a personal decision. Yes, some employers will actually text their candidates. Make sure to indicate if you receive texts and whether the phone number is a cell phone or home phone. This is a great time to make sure your voicemail message states your full name and is professional.

Email address: It is in your best interest to ensure that you have a professional email address that does not reveal your age. Age discrimination is real, and listing your birth year or using an antiquated email service like AOL can definitely trigger it. Your email address should include a variation of your name and some numbers if necessary. You can even make a totally separate email account and use it only for your job search.

LinkedIn profile: If you have a LinkedIn profile definitely include it. Now is the time to create one! Potential employers will very likely look you up online. Many Recruiters tell us that looking a candidate up on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter is one of the first things they do. So, make sure everything you post online is what you would want an employer to see. Additionally, online behavior can benefit you.

Do you have a nursing related website or blog? Are you an Instagram celebrity? Maybe you created a successful YouTube channel when you were a newbie nurse? Include all this on your resume if it relates to nursing. This is all part of your unique brand! Tell them right off top exactly why you are the best candidate for the role. Spend a little time to target it and to let your qualifications and accomplishments shine. While there is some debate about how to introduce your resume, we suggest using a professional summary as opposed to a career objective.

The professional summary can be formatted in either a short paragraph or a bulleted list asserting qualifications and providing a concise career snapshot. Your professional summary is unique to you and should be targeted to a specific role just like the cover letters career counselors used to tell us about. Proactively streamlines operations, initiates tasks and supports the healthcare team, while prioritizing excellent patient care.

Champions patient and family education by providing compassionate, inclusive care that encourages self-sufficiency. Recipient of the Daisy Award. Bilingual in English and Spanish. It is a common mistake to list hard skills last on a resume.

With the popularity of ATS this mistake could cost you an interview. This is especially true in nursing as the profession requires very specific skills. Your hard skills should be directly targeted to the role as it is expressed in the job description.

Is the employer asking for a specific EMR that you are experienced with? List it! Are you an expert at starting IVs because of your five years of experience in the emergency room? This should not be a generic list of skills, but a specific list that is as quantified as much as possible. Why is this important? Including this information lets potential employers know that you are ready to start work ASAP.

Including your license number is optional and you can make this decision based on your privacy comfort. The employer will likely be verifying your license online anyway this is all public information. If you are an advanced practice nurse, you may decide to leave off license numbers for privacy purposes, especially your DEA number or controlled substance registration number.

Employers want to know what you can do for them, period. What are they looking for? Evidence, facts, quantifiable points - proof to support the assertions made in your resume summary. Vague work histories are particularly frustrating to employers. Especially copied and pasted job descriptions. Instead, do this:. List experience in reverse chronological order.

Take note, if you have a lengthy employment history, you may consider only including the most recent years experience. Employers care about what you can do for them now.

List job title first followed by your specialty. Use the job title as it is listed in the job posting or use a more industry-wide job title. Employment Dates. These are important and can be listed a number of ways. On an application, yes, on a resume, not so much. Facility-specific and unit-specific information. Primary duties look best in a bulleted list of no more than six points including duties, noteworthy accomplishments, and achievements.

Registered nursing is a step up the nursing ladder, allowing you to provide care directly to patients. Licensure as a registered nurse RN is also a pathway to graduate nursing programs, practice as a nurse practitioner, and specialty certification.

If you want to include soft skills or more than a handful of hard skills, use your accomplishments to highlight accomplishments that demonstrate them in action. Focusing on accomplishments in your bullet points is good, but even better is if you can provide the context for those achievements. Working in the intensive care unit ICU of a hospital means working in an emergency setting providing care to critically ill patients.

As an ICU nurse, you may also work in an emergency room or burn center. Your resume should also emphasize transferable skills recruiters are looking for, including quick thinking and decision-making. If you already have the qualifications hiring managers are looking for � like critical care or life support certification � list them in your education section or in an additional section at the bottom of your resume.

Neonatal intensive care NICU nurses provide critical care for premature and severely ill infants. One easy way to do this is by including a resume title that matches the job title. Another is to tailor your skills list � for example, by listing NICU-specific skills like neonatal health monitoring and assessment. Psychiatric nurses are responsible for supporting patients with mental health and substance abuse issues. Soft skills in this role are a must, so use your accomplishments to highlight your empathy, resilience, and people skills.

Including a summary at the top of your resume is a great idea if you want to provide extra context for your work history or quickly highlight one or two particularly impressive accomplishments.

Never list soft skills in your skills section. Instead, use your bullet points to highlight transferable skills. Unlike most nursing positions, the role of a nurse case manager is more administrative in nature.

Your resume should highlight soft skills like leadership, decision making, and communication alongside hard skills in patient care and technology. Using concrete numbers in your bullet points can be the best way to demonstrate your achievements. In a role like nurse case manager that requires specific hard skills, you can list these in a separate skills section at the bottom of your resume.

Nurse case managers are registered nurses RNs who provide dedicated recovery plans to individual patients, often in a hospital or acute care setting. Quantifying your achievements makes them more objective and reliable, and numbers speak to the exact nature of your achievement and its impact on the company or organization.

You should aim to pick of the top skills you need and list them at the end of your resume, in a skills or additional information section. Even without much experience, you can distinguish yourself by listing your student nursing experience the same way you would paid experience, focusing on your accomplishments and making sure to include relevant skills and keywords. Travel nursing is a unique experience, allowing you to travel across the United States or even around the world.

Many travel nurses still work in traditional hospital and clinic settings, but on temporary contracts. As a travel nurse, you may be entitled to additional benefits, including a higher salary and free accommodation or tax-free housing stipend.

Want to show off your leadership and teamwork skills? Your contact information is a small but important part of your resume.

Nurse practitioners serve as primary care practitioners, often with responsibilities approaching those of physicians. Your work history should always be listed in chronological order, with your most recent experience at the top. The more recent and relevant the position, the more space it can command on your resume � you can get away with listing as many as bullet points under your current job, while much older or less relevant roles should only get Simply list your practicums and student nursing experience the same way you would any job, using action verbs to highlight your accomplishments.

Even graduate nurses need a firm grounding in essential skills. Also called a nursing director, this professional is tasked with managing and overseeing the nursing staff in a healthcare establishment. Some of your tasks will include distributing nurses and resources effectively, creating targets and strategies for the department, and ensuring that all nurses under you follow all healthcare protocols and regulations. To qualify for this job you will need a degree in nursing and an RN license.

Beyond that, you will need to show managerial and leadership experience in the nursing field. You must have the ability to work under pressure and in a very fast-paced environment and you must have critical problem-solving skills. Take a look at this successful resume sample. The director of nursing position is a very senior position. Recruiters will appreciate seeing a steady upward career progression reflected on your resume.

It will give them confidence that you understand the jobs and functions of all your subordinates and will also show them that you are an excellent and driven employee. This applicant has risen in the ranks from a registered nurse to a director of nursing. As much as healthcare facilities are built to offer healthcare to the community, they still need to work to maximize efficiency and reduce costs without reducing the standard of care.

It is usually a balancing game that all healthcare directors must play. It is beneficial to show recruiters how successful you have been at increasing efficiency or reducing costs without affecting the standard of care. Use metrics to further impress recruiters. This applicant has done this very effectively.

As the name suggests, a nursing supervisor supervises the nursing staff at a healthcare facility. Tasks you can expect include assigning staff, interviewing incoming nurses, monitoring the nurses, and overseeing patient care. Your main function is to ensure your nursing staff is providing the best possible care and that they are satisfied and happy in their jobs.

Your resume must show a degree or diploma in nursing and you must have a valid nursing license. Beyond that recruiters would appreciate any history as a nursing supervisor and evidence of great organizational and interpersonal skills.

Here is a recruiter-approved resume sample. This is a leadership role and as such recruiters would like to see the size of nursing staff you have managed in the past and the kind of things the team has been able to achieve under your leadership. Including a key achievement in the introduction is a great way to get recruiters impressed from the beginning of your resume.

They are bound to look more favorably on the rest of your resume because of it. Try and include a nursing supervisor achievement that is rare or hard to achieve. You can use a separate section at the bottom of your resume for this or include these skills as part of your bullet points. Often, recruiters will be looking for specific skills and may even be using ATS to automatically screen resumes for certain keywords. You can get a feel for what keywords you should be including by reading over the job description, or by checking out our list of recommended skills and keywords or using our free Targeted Resume tool.

This word cloud highlights the important keywords that appear on Nursing job descriptions and resumes. The bigger the word, the more frequently it appears on job postings, and the more 'important' it is. But how? Frame your achievements in a positive light by using strong action verbs at the start of each sentence. Structuring your bullet points this way emphasizes what you actually did and avoids listing bullet points that read more like a job description.

In addition to technical skills and medical know-how, nurses need a lot of transferable skills � think qualities like leadership, communication, empathy, and resilience. The best way to show that you have these qualities is through your choice of action verbs. For more related action verbs, visit Nursing Action Verbs. For a full list of effective resume action verbs, visit Resume Action Verbs.

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WebFeb 2, ?�?Let's move on and check out 20 top free sample nursing resume templates found online. These files are available for anyone to use. 1. Free Nurse Resume . WebAs a BSC Nursing Student, Provides Nursing Student Resume Examples You Can Use. For Graduates, There Are Nurse Resume Templates With Fresher Resume . WebFeb 7, ?�?A good and effective nurse resume is one good way to achieve your goals. If you are in search for a high-quality nurse resume example, then you�ve come to the right .