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Ieee 43-2000 free download pdf

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Adobe master collection cs6 windows download This paper reviews the different insulation systems practiced on �. For the same reason, IEEE does not respond to interpretation requests. While IEEE administers the process and establishes rules to promote fairness in the consensus development process, IEEE does not independently evaluate, test, or verify the accuracy of any of the information or the soundness of any judgments contained in its standards. ElectricalInsulationRotatingElectrical insulation. Since IEEE Standards represent a consensus ofall concerned 43-20000, it is important to ensure that any interpretation has also received the concurrence of abalance of interests. Volunteers are not necessarily members of the Institute and participate without compensation from IEEE.
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Definitions For the purposes of this recommended practice, the following terms and definitions apply. Typically for older wet windings, the insulation resistance for reverse polarity, where the ground lead is connected to the winding and the negative voltage lead to ground, is much higher than for normal polarity. The voltage application time is usually 1 min IR 1 or 10 min IR 10 , however, other values can be used. Unit conventions: values of 1 through 10 are assumed to be in minutes, values of 15 and greater are assumed to be in seconds.

The quotient of the insulation resistance at time t 2 divided by the insulation resistance at time t 1. If times t 2 and t 1 are not specified, they are assumed to be 10 min and 1 min, respectively. Unit conventions: values of 1 through 10 are assumed to be in minutes, values of 15 and greater are assumed to be in seconds e.

The magnitude of the surface leakage current is dependent upon temperature and the amount of conductive material, i. Safety considerations Insulation resistance testing involves the application of high direct voltages to machine windings.

These windings have capacitive and inductive properties that can lead to hazards that may not be readily apparent. Before any testing is conducted, the winding insulation must be discharged. An international language by which it is possible to determine the functional behavior ofa logic or circuit diagram withmin- imal reference to supporting documentation is defined; as such, it is designed to allow a single concept to be expressed in one of several different ways, according to the demands of a particular situation.

Consequently, this standard does not attempt, nor intend, to establish single correct symbols for particular devices. The symbols for representing logic func- tions or devices enable users to understand the logic charac- teristics of these functions or devices without specific knowl- edge of their internal characteristics. Definitions and an explanation ofsymbol construction are provided.

Information is presented on: qualifying symbols associated with inputs, outputs, and other connections; dependency notation; com- binational and sequential elements; and symbols for highly complex functions. The symbols and representation tech- niques are compatible with IEC Pub. Graphic symbols for representing logic functions or physical devices capable of carrying out logic functions are presented. Descriptions of logic functions, the graphic representation of these functions, and examples of their ap- plications are given.

The symbols are presented in the center of electrical applications, but most may also be applied to nonelectrical systems for example, pneumatic, hydraulic, or mechanical. This supplement provides additional interna- tionally approved graphic symbols and makes corrections as needed to IEEE Std