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A to z gis pdf download

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It's a dictionary of GIS terms. But that's what makes it so handy! That involves writing about GIS a lot. This book gets frequent use when I need to mention subjects that I don't work with regularly. I also pull it out when I am reviewing other papers.

I know about a half dozen of them personally. They are all ESRI employees. Most of the time that's OK but just be aware that of the source.

I bought this book thinking I might teach high school GIS, but didn't. However after it arrived and I looked through it, I wondered why the college courses did not recommend this simple, easy to use, understandable, nice-looking, perfectly-sized, strongly-bound, handy reference. Any introduction to a new discipline with all its unique non-standard terms must start with definitions and this book is a great place to help with that.

I've been studying GIS for a few months now on my own, and have often been stuck as to the meaning of a word. I am not going to give this book a low mark just for that, because I did pick upa lot of useful information in a very efficient way. Super accessible. I found this book useful while studying for exams and oral examinations during my Masters program.

The thing to remember is this is a ESRI book and uses their terminology. If you are a student I would recommend this book to use a reference. The book isn't going to teach you GIS, it is meant to be used as a reference. So I would still buy the required books for your class.

I purchased this book as a supplement to my course materials for graduate level GIS classes. The book is great as a dictionary only 5 stars but does little to explain GIS concepts or processes. The researchers did well to include simple pictures that relate to the terms being described. The book itself is small enough to keep in a daypack with no problems and is lightweight. Overall, a good GIS supplement. Illustrated dictionaries Illustrated Dictionary Illustrated.

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