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Zondervan Color Maps are included as images and optimized for eReader device display. We believe that the Bible contains the divine answer to the deepest needs of humanity, sheds unique light on our path in a dark world and sets forth the way to our eternal well-being.

Out of these deep convictions, we have sought to recreate as far as possible the experience of the original audience�blending transparency to the original text with accessibility for the millions of English speakers around the world.

We have prioritized accuracy, clarity and literary quality with the goal of creating a translation suitable for public and private reading, evangelism, teaching, preaching, memorizing and liturgical use. We have also sought to preserve a measure of continuity with the long tradition of translating the Scriptures into English. The complete NIV Bible was first published in It was a completely new translation made by over a hundred scholars working directly from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts.

This breadth of denominational and theological perspective helped to safeguard the translation from sectarian bias. For these reasons, and by the grace of God, the NIV has gained a wide readership in all parts of the English-speaking world.

The work of translating the Bible is never finished. Updates are needed in order to reflect the latest developments in our understanding of the biblical world and its languages and to keep pace with changes in English usage. The committee is a self- perpetuating group of biblical scholars charged with keeping abreast of advances in biblical scholarship and changes in English and issuing periodic updates to the NIV.

In obedience to its mandate, the committee has issued periodic updates to the NIV. An initial revision was released in The first concern of the translators has continued to be the accuracy of the translation and its faithfulness to the intended meaning of the biblical writers. This has moved the translators to go beyond a formal word-for-word rendering of the original texts. Because thought patterns and syntax differ from language to language, accurate communication of the meaning of the biblical authors demands constant regard for varied contextual uses of words and idioms and for frequent modifications in sentence structures.

As an aid to the reader, sectional headings have been inserted. They are not to be regarded as part of the biblical text and are not intended for oral reading.

For the Old Testament the standard Hebrew text, the Masoretic Text as published in the latest edition of Biblia Hebraica, has been used throughout. The Masoretic Text tradition contains marginal notations that offer variant readings. These have sometimes been followed instead of the text itself.

Because such instances involve variants within the Masoretic tradition, they have not been indicated in the textual notes. In a few cases, words in the basic consonantal text have been divided differently than in the Masoretic Text. Such cases are usually indicated in the textual footnotes. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain biblical texts that represent an earlier stage of the transmission of the Hebrew text. They have been consulted, as have been the Samaritan Pentateuch and the ancient scribal traditions concerning deliberate textual changes.

Readings from these versions, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the scribal traditions were occasionally followed where the Masoretic Text seemed doubtful and where accepted principles of textual criticism showed that one or more of these textual witnesses appeared to provide the correct reading. In rare cases, the committee has emended the Hebrew text where it appears to have become corrupted at an even earlier stage of its transmission.

These departures from the Masoretic Text are also indicated in the textual footnotes. Sometimes the vowel indicators which are later additions to the basic consonantal text found in the Masoretic Text did not, in the judgment of the committee, represent the correct vowels for the original text. Accordingly, some words have been read with a different set of vowels. These instances are usually not indicated in the footnotes. The committee has made its choices among the variant readings in accordance with widely accepted principles of New Testament textual criticism.

Footnotes call attention to places where uncertainty remains. When poetry is quoted in a footnote, a slash mark indicates a line division. It should be noted that references to diseases, minerals, flora and fauna, architectural details, clothing, jewelry, musical instruments and other articles cannot always be identified with precision.

Also, linear measurements and measures of capacity can only be approximated see the Table of Weights and Measures. Although Selah, used mainly in the Psalms, is probably a musical term, its meaning is uncertain. Since it may interrupt reading and distract the reader, this word has not been kept in the English text, but every occurrence has been signaled by a footnote.

One of the main reasons the task of Bible translation is never finished is the change in our own language, English. One of the shifts that creates particular challenges to writers and translators alike is the manner in which gender is presented.

But most English speakers today tend to hear a distinctly male connotation in this word. In recognition of this change in English, this edition of the NIV, along with almost all other recent English translations, substitutes other expressions when the original text intends to refer generically to men and women equally.

This edition of the NIV therefore continues to use these words, along with other expressions, in this way. This usage does persist at a low level in some forms of English, and this revision therefore occasionally uses these pronouns in a generic sense.

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WebOnline Bible�Read, Listen or Download Free: PDF, EPUB, Audio Library Online Bible Online Bible Read and listen to the Bible online, or download free audio recordings and . WebDouay-Rheims Bible - PDF English Revised Version - PDF JPS Tanakh - PDF King James Version - PDF Smith's Literal Translation - PDF Open Bible: Open source . WebApr 22, �� King James Bible KJV Bible PDF. Topics bible Collection opensource Language English. kjb Addeddate Identifier .