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Goodnotes elements free download

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Tools built for note-taking. Draw perfect shapes with Shape Recognition, edit your writing with the Lasso Tool, and more. Mark up PDFs, lecture slides, and documents. Find your notes instantly. Search your handwritten notes, typed text, PDF text, document outlines, folder titles, and document titles.

Stickers, diagrams, and more. Reuse note-taking elements like stickers, pictures, tables, diagrams, and more with the Elements Tool. Customize your notes. Cloud storage and sync. Share and collaborate. Export documents in PDF or image, or share them with others for a fully digital workflow. Access your notes on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Discover all of our great features.

I love this app. It helps me keep all my business notes, digital calendars and to-do lists all in one place. I never had to worry about losing a bid sheet or having to print something to fill out a form.

Love it with my ipad and pencil. I use this app everyday for work and it works flawlessly I couple it with google drive and so all my notes are backed up. I have also used this to present lessons love the in-built laser pointer. The best app on my ipad for sure. A thing that all students need is order and Good Notes makes it really easy to have an organised note taking system.

The writing experience is superior to other apps imo, everything is so customisable. The search tool is amazing, a big time safer! I am now a second year university student and after getting this app at the end of last year, my grades so far this first semester have been significantly improved. I believe that this is because of the text search feature.

Yes, GoodNotes is free to download and use up to 3 notebooks. How much does GoodNotes cost? What is the difference between GoodNotes free vs paid?

Then tap again with the Image Tool to add it as an Element, so you can access it at any time! Import the. Now that your digital stickers are stored in the Elements Tool, you can access them at any time in any of your notes from the Elements picker in the toolbar! There are various creators and digital planning enthusiasts that regularly share free digital stickers and other digital stationery online. Here are a couple to check out!

Ziua Planner shares free stickers ranging from washi tape, backgrounds to insert in your calendar blocks, and cute sticky notes in her videos. Ziua Design also has a store on Etsy , where you can find a wider range of paper templates like student planners, habit trackers and finance planners too.

The Dash Planner regularly releases free digital sticker pages. You can download beautifully designed seasonal stickers, functional sticky notes, and templates to use in GoodNotes from the freebie vault. The best part is that these stickers already come in a. You can access the freebie vault from The Dash Planner by signing up to their newsletter here.

She also sometimes shares simple planners and templates with her videos, which you can import and use in GoodNotes. Onetenth Time also shares the stickers she creates in her YouTube videos, to help you get a little inspired on how you can decorate your digital journal in GoodNotes. She links to different sticker packs in each video. This particular one showcases the travel-themed stickers she used for her travel journal in GoodNotes.

You can get them by signing up to her newsletter from her website along with other digital stationery for GoodNotes!

Hanri shares new stickers every month, including florals, sticky notes, and cute blobs you can write over. Check out how she uses them in her videos and get inspired for your own digital journals. Etsy is a great place to start when looking for digital stickers.

These are made for GoodNotes. The most unique part about these stickers is that they act as Elements created in GoodNotes � meaning you can change the color of the ink and manipulate certain strokes or sections of each sticker!

That makes them as customizable as Elements you create within GoodNotes yourself. What really stands out about this sticker pack is how functional they are. In addition to decorative icons and headings, included are template cards shown above that you can drag and drop into your student planner, and help you neatly organize your study and class schedule.