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Drone show software download

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These autopilots are widely available and available for purchase from most drone part dealers. For establishing reliable communication between multiple drones, we suggest using 5GHz WiFi modules onboard drones rather than standard MHz telemetry data links. For drone show purposes, drones can be equipped with LED modules or other show elements that can be controlled via PWM servo signal.

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Git stats 65 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. View code. Drone Show Software Drone Show Software is software designed for drone shows, allowing flight path planning as well as control of dozens of drones simultaneously in a synchronized manner.

Description Drone Show Software requires a custom Pixhawk firmware due to special flight mode and commands it uses.

What do we have after create drone team? The higher the value, the stronger the glow How to remove the LED glow? These two modes are not compatible in a same project. Double-click the collect to rename it E. For example, if we import svg.

Double-click the "Group" name and edit to " drones " It matches the drones collection, do not change to other name, like Drone or Drones Select the vertices of the Mesh Object one vertex represents one drone , click Assign Button below the Panel We could use the tools on the left to edit the vertices.

The Empty Objects in the formation will reach the location of the "drones" Vertex Group What's the Append mean in here? You could also deform the Object vertices or control points, or add Inherited animation E. The Object has the animation, then the Drones have the animation. After Append, the drone will follow movement of the empty New Formation. Copy from the current formation Please select the empties of New Formation that you don't want to move.

Click the Lock Selected button. Then in the Vertex Formation, click Append button. Only the vertex without lock will make the transfer. Finish the transfer of the Begin and Append the drones in the New Formation Pay attention: Click the window and cancel the selected. Click the Show selected Items for check. Select the empties that you don't want to Lock, please click the Clear Lock button.

The empties number without lock should be the same as the assign vertex number of the new material object s. Adjust the location and Scale of the End Formation. It needs below the last scene in the view. Click Create Safe Queues Button. The larger the Scale of End Formation, the smaller of the quantity of safe queues create. It also create two new Collections: Smart Landing Path show the path of landing and Smart Landing Formation copy the location of last scene.

So the drones will append the The Empties in order. Now the drones will follow the path to the End Formation. We could still adjust the Smart Landing Formation in Timeline.

Finally, we copy the Begin Scene at frame 1 as Land Formation. In the Timeline, we can see we have inserted two keyframes, it means that the color of drones suddenly change. In the Surface Panel, click Use Nodes to remove the property gary background means unselect.

Then we could choose any effector color you like. Usually, we make the same shape and size of the Empty and the Mesh. First select the Mesh, then select the Empty. We can click the eye of the Mesh in the effector Collection to Hide the it. The higher the value, the higher the priority is to affect the color of the drone. We could check the keyframe on the Timeline.

The drones will store the color material of the Base Color. Add Effector Color These is no color keyframe on the drones, but the Effector object will store the color material of the Base Color, also the animation keyframe. It shows that two drones reach the limit at that frame When we don't need those information, we could click the Clear Button Open the console when you do the design and check the speed and distance real time.

So you can adjust the speed and distance at any time based on the feedback from the console If the distance is larger, the formation looks more stable. If the distance is close, the airflow generated by the drone will affect each other. Operation Video YouTube bilibili Export Animation Export Settings Position Scale: scale factor to coordinate, default is 1, if you want to change the pattern size this would help do not change it unless you know what it is!

Z Axis Rotate: rotate degree in clockwise to coordinate, default is 0, if your flight field direction is different from your design, this would help do not change it unless you know what it is!

Please do not change the output frame rate in default 24 fps. Marketing How to render a picture or video? Do not export the files when rendering. Download the QR code image. Click Object Data tab in the Properties window. Choose Display the Object as wire edges.

Scaling the QR code makes it as big as Plane. Press tab to Edit Mode. Drag the Plane to the QR code Collection. Save the Blender file. We to start to make the QR code drone formation.

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