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Each time you betray the promises of your vow in a serious way, you feel a sharp pain in your heart, and your maximum HP decreases by 1. You cannot be reduced below 5 maximum HP from this effect. They become momentarily transfixed on your gaze.

You also learn the worst and best thing they have ever done. The Guide chooses and reveals to you something specific that the creature routinely craves. You become cursed to also crave that thing and cannot use Impression again until you fulfill the desire. When you fulfill it once, the curse is lifted. You sense the worst thing that ever happened nearby. The Guide will describe to you the type of thing that happened and what the people involved look like.

For example, you might learn that someone was murdered, a curse was created, or an evil vow was taken. You must know what your target looks like. If it is a creature, you may speak to them for 1 minute. They cannot see you, but they hear you in their mind. If you touch them, they feel a faint sensation, as if a breeze passes through them. If you were searching for an enemy, they see you instead, learning your exact location.

You may invent a famous quote or proverb, or borrow one from the real world. The creature must be able to hear and understand you, and cannot currently be hostile toward you. Until the end of the day, the NPC shapes their behavior around their ideal, and cannot fall victim to their flaw.

You may set a real timer. You must know a specific act or circumstance that the creature feels guilty for. Your words of forgiveness must be in the form of a Petition p.

If you use this on a commoner or minion, they will become awestruck as if they have received a blessing from a god. They may begin to follow you as if you are a prophet, and they will not willingly cause you harm. If you use this on a boss, you will temporarily endear them to you. They will not harm you until the next time you meet, unless you or the party tries to harm them.

They cannot be affected by this spell twice. By speaking a word of power, you alleviate them of a character flaw. You must already know one of their flaws. They are effectively cured of the flaw and it no longer affects their behavior. The target may compel you to answer a question truthfully instead.

This also has the effect of your Forgive ability and relieves the creature of any guilt for succumbing to their flaw in the past. While the weapon is on fire, it acts as a torch that casts light nearby.

The flame increases the weapon's damage by 1. The flame persists until you roll a failure or worse on an attack with the weapon. You may dismiss the flame at any time. The wave knocks up to three creatures backward and hits them each for 2 damage.

Creatures affected by the spell are briefly dazed and cannot use special abilities during their next turn. You engulf the target in radiant flame, hitting it for 10 HP. If the damage dealt is enough to kill the creature, it explodes into ash, and its body and spirit are permanently obliterated. If you destroy a creature with Smite, roll the die. On a , nothing happens. On a 1, the creature's spirit becomes a dark passenger in your mind. You never know when it may decide to speak to you or observe your behavior.

The hammer is a one-handed weapon that deals 3 damage. It appears to crackle with blue-green light and leaves a deep, reverberating sound in its wake. If you roll a triumph when using the hammer, it releases a crackling boom and casts your Thunderous Word spell on the target.

The hammer vanishes in smoke after one hour or when you dismiss it. You can only cast Blazing Avenger on one weapon at a time; casting it again cancels the previous enchantment. The shield blocks up to 3 hit points of damage. Any damage dealt in excess of 3 HP passes through the shield and hits you. The shield lasts until it takes 3 or more damage in a single hit.

The creature cannot already be within reach. You release a spectral clone of yourself that rushes them, knocks them back several meters, deals 1 damage, and ends their turn. The clone then disappears. The spell lasts until you cancel it or cast Sigil again. You can only cast the spell if no enemies are currently nearby. Choose a specific creature for the sigil to affect, or a type of creature, like spirits or werewolves.

Then draw a circle on a piece of paper at the table. Draw the creature that will be affected by the spell inside of the circle.

Choose one of four effects: lure. The sigil attracts creatures to its location, where they linger for a minute. Creatures who come nearby won't move closer to the sigil or may turn back. Receive a signal in your mind when creatures pass by the sigil. The sigil telepathically sends a short message of up to 10 words in your language to creatures passing nearby. You may keep your drawing and reuse it later when casting this spell again, and you can choose a new effect each time.

The creature instantly recovers 6 hit points and wakes up if they are unconscious. Or you may choose to cast this spell with no AP cost by transferring your own hit points to the creature. The creature recovers as many hit points as you are willing to give up.

If they try to cast a spell, they will find it impossible. For example, if the spell is spoken, they forget their lines; if the spell requires hand-waving, they find their arms frozen. If you are casting the spell on a boss, you must concentrate on it to maintain the effect; the spell ends if you move or do something else. Now, whenever you have 0 HP, you may instantly become ethereal. You appear translucent and ghostly while ethereal, but you are still visible to others.

You delve through time to glimpse an NPC's fate. You may only use this ability once during your entire story, so use it wisely. Your ethereal form has a maximum of 0 HP and cannot be healed. You are immune to all physical non-magical harm while in this form. However, harmful magic hits you for double HP while ethereal, and taking damage can still kill you.

You may revert to your normal form at any time during your turn. But you cannot change forms to avoid taking damage immediately after being hit. The creature must still have a corpse that is mostly intact.

If the creature died of old age, they receive a new maximum lifespan of the Guide's choice. The sacrifice withers your soul. Each time you use this ability, you must choose an additional character flaw. Additionally, you permanently lose 2 HP from your maximum hit points.

If you reduce your max HP to 0 by using this ability, you acquire the legendary Wraith ability, and you permanently enter an ethereal form. Using Sacrifice while at 0 maximum HP permanently kills you. The choice you make shapes the story for everyone. The prophecy must come true; the Guide is obligated to honor the fate you have chosen at some point in the story.

When and how it emerges is up to the Guide. You may keep your choice a secret from the party. Choose one of the following things. It will eventually become true, as you have foreseen. The creature will sacrifice their life to try to save someone or something. The creature will betray their allies at a pivotal moment in pursuit of a hidden agenda. The creature will acquire a meaningful amount of power and authority over a people or place. The creature will do something so morally ruinous that they become widely known for their misdeed.

The creature will do something so morally good that they become widely known for their righteousness. Here, you may seek and find a single truth by posing a question to eternity itself. The Guide will give you a fulsome and accurate answer to your question. If you explain why you are asking the question, the Guide will do their best to answer in a way that satisfies what you were trying to discover.

If you explain that you asked because you want to reunite with them, the Guide might tell you exactly where they are and how to get there. You must seek fact. You won't find satisfying answers to questions like "What is the meaning of life?

Your mind ages by 1 year in the week. Your mind is wracked from wrong turns in your search. You age by 10 years.

Choose an additional character flaw. They stop to chat with a local squirrel, making a new friend. They speak myth, earning the favor of strangers.

The Ranger is a great choice for people who want to play a skilled hunter and survivalist who thrives on the fringes of civilization. You must invent a local saying to exchange with the NPC; it can be something like "It's raining cats and dogs" or "Don't judge a book by its cover. Then, if you ask any of these questions, the NPC will answer to the best of their ability. The song has no effect on hostile creatures.

Read or sing the chorus of a song at the table and describe your performance. You may write your own or use one from another songwriter. Choose a mood to set for your audience: bright. Hearts swell with friendly enthusiasm, sparking joyful conversations.

The audience falls silent and begins a sorrowful reflection on their suffering. Zealous feelings are ignited, making the crowd noisy and excitable.

You create the myth from these parts: obligation. Decide how the myth affects your target. You must roll the die to see if it succeeds. Using the obligation, say what the lesson of the myth is, like "Give refuge to strangers" or "Always be a fair dealer. Name a central person or event. Describe a dramatic situation the person or event is famous for. Perhaps they were a missionary who fed the hungry or it was a great flood that killed many. Share the myth with your friends at the table.

You may reuse a myth you have created without describing it in full. You find enough for a single dose. The remedy cures temporary illness and eliminates poison. There must be plants nearby. Shrubs and thorny vines will emerge around the campsite to provide concealment.

The shroud lasts until you leave the camp. The shroud conceals the light from a small campfire. Creatures can pass through the shroud, but they are hit for 1 HP if they push through.

When you regroup p. Describe how you send your signal: it can be a smoke signal, a message you leave on a tree, or a similar act. Within the next day, you will meet an NPC Ranger who comes to your aid. Out of respect for you as a colleague, they will stay with you until they finish helping you with a request.

Your request cannot be unlimited, and they will not stay with you forever. You can ask them to do things, but they are an independent character who will ultimately act according to their own interests and ideals. There must be plants in the area. When you ingest the edible, you embark on an inner journey over the next hour for supernatural insight. You learn who they are, but not what the secret is. If an Invoker invites you along when using their Invoke ability p.

The same rules of the Invoke ability apply to you when joining the Invoker. You are able to glimpse a weather forecast for the next few days in your region of the world. You can clap, make an animal noise, or anything else that might echo. You sense the general layout of the next three areas connected to yours, plus the layout of any passageways between these areas. The Guide will draw you a rudimentary map, noting any major features, like columns, bridges, or crevasses.

You might choose light rain, a thunderstorm, fog, a heat wave, or any other weather pattern, except for natural disasters like tornadoes or hurricanes. You cannot get lost in wilderness unless magic is inhibiting you. You find a reprieve that has a small amount of nourishment. You find a natural cave that offers shelter from harsh weather. You find minor ruins, like an abandoned keep or a withered statue.

You find the home of an animal or group of animals, like an otter's den. Choose one: seek. You ask the tree to search the forest. For example, you may ask to locate a specific creature, an object laying somewhere, or a location, like a cave or building.

The tree will commune with its friends and then tell you where it is, how to get there, and how long it will take. You ask the tree to watch over the party.

Until you leave the forest, trees will begin to sway and rustle if you approach a trap or a dangerous creature. The rustling increases as you draw nearer to danger. If it is an animal, the Guide will share a fact that you know about them, like their habits or personality traits.

You and your party can carefully stalk tracked prey without it noticing you, as long as you try to be quiet. You must choose a type of animal to find, like a boar or a squirrel. You can't use this to find a specific creature. You find the creature after a short search. Your party takes the first round, and you get an extra turn. You can make a ranged attack on a faraway target that you can see, even if it is out of range.

The limb becomes disabled and cannot be used until it is restored by a healer. The hit disables the targeted limb. You mark them as your nemesis. You may only have one nemesis at a time, and you may remove the mark at any time. Your predatory senses allow you to detect whenever your nemesis is present in your scene, even if they are hidden.

You feel a tingle in the temples of your forehead when your nemesis is nearby. You are capable of interpreting the animal's thoughts and feelings, and you can have an exchange of communication with it. It can give basic information about things, like how it feels, what it has seen, and what it wants, but it does not understand complex ideas. It can't be smaller than a mouse or bigger than a horse.

You may only have one partner at a time. The animal is an NPC played by the Guide that acts in addition to you during your turn. It won't willingly leave your area, and if you are separated, it will try to find you. It cannot speak to you, but it can vaguely sense your mood and intentions.

Your animal partner has 6 HP and can make basic attacks for 2 damage. The item must be small and light enough for the animal to reasonably carry. You can have the animal deliver the item to a place or a specific person. The destination must be within a day's travel time. You now passively experience your partner's senses; you catch glimpses of what they see, hear, and feel. You also feel a shadow of pain whenever they are harmed. At any time, you may enter a trance to leave your own body and take control of your partner.

You remain dimly aware of what's happening around your own body. While in the trance, you may control your partner as if they were yourself, though you cannot speak.

You must have a clear sight line to the sky for the spell to work. The message summons a flying animal to your location. You can petition any kind of flying animal, like a raven or a griffin. The animal arrives one hour later. As long as you are friendly to it, the animal will obey your commands for the next day. For example, you can have it deliver messages, give you a ride, or cause distractions. The animal will not attack enemies unless it is attacked first.

Wild animals, except bosses, will no longer attack you unless you harm them. Trained animals and pets can still be commanded to harm you. You may now use the Speak With Animal p. You become the friend of a wilderness region that has meaning to you, like a forest or a valley.

The region cannot already be under the control of a boss. Your Animal Partner ability p. Your partner has 10 HP, can hit for 2 HP, and attack twice per turn.

If you have an existing animal partner, it is upgraded to these stats. They stay with you for the next day. You can choose any combination of wild animals as long as they are native to the area.

You may command them, and they all act together during your turn. The group is treated like a single creature with 20 hit points, and they collectively hit for 6 HP, distributed among up to 6 targets. Once per scene, you may devastate a group of minions in an impressive acrobatic fashion. You instantly kill half of all nearby minions, rounding up. You are known to all living things in this area as its ally.

You may now use the Shroud p. When you become the Friend of the Land, a group of volunteer creatures living in your chosen land will create a natural fort for you in a location of your choice.

It takes one week to create. It should resemble in spirit something animals might create, like a giant ant hill, a meerkat manor, a nest in the trees, or a beaver's dam. It has up to 20 rooms, including a kitchen, a great hall, and an armory. The keep is watched over full-time by allied animal sentries who will notify you of intruders or guests. Additionally, a small staff of volunteer animals will routinely forage for you, making sure the keep is stocked with vegetables, fruits, and other natural foods from the area that they can collect.

They will occasionally invite you to play with them. Play The Naturalist if you want to explore an intimate bond with the wild creatures and raw elemental forces of your world.

You may choose any creature that is no smaller than a mouse and no larger than a horse. Everything you carry becomes part of your animal form. The target cannot move, see, hear, or speak during this time. The creature has 50 hit points while petrified. If its hit points are reduced to 0 during the spell, it shatters to pieces and dies. While in animal form, you have 6 HP.

You may make basic attacks that hit for 2 HP. You can't cast spells, use items, or speak languages while transformed. You can return to your normal form at any time. When transforming back, you regain the hit points you had before you transformed. Falling to 0 hit points while transformed instantly returns you to your normal form. When you spritz the water on a creature, they grow small but visible gills, allowing them to breathe underwater for up to 1 hour.

This spell enchants enough water to use 6 times. The object cannot have magical properties or be larger than a door. Describe the plants that the object turns into. The shell absorbs up to 10 hit points of damage. If you were hit by a non-magical weapon, the weapon shatters to pieces.

The carapace crumbles away immediately after it takes damage. You may cast this spell as a reaction to an incoming attack during another creature's turn. The thorn hits for 2 HP.

The aurora is visible to creatures up to a kilometer away and lasts for the next 10 minutes. If you hit an organic creature, its skin becomes swollen, it cannot see beyond its reach, and it can't speak or cast spells until the end of its next turn. For the next minute, the container summons a surplus of its contents, spilling the excess material out generously.

For example, if you touch a pitcher of water, it will overflow and cover the floor. Or if you touch a sack of grain, it will burst open, creating a large pile. You must be outdoors to cast this spell.

For the next hour, the wisp sheds light on a huge area, allowing you to see far in the distance. It matches your movement such that it is always located above you. The area the light touches looks as if it were lit by daylight. Any common folk who can see the aurora are dazzled and stop what they are doing to stare at it. Minions are also dazzled by the spell and stop what they are doing to stare at it. Hitting a minion frees them from the spell's effects. The Guide must roll the die.

On a , bosses are dazzled and must choose between moving and acting during their turn. On a 1, they are stunned in place until the spell ends or if they are hit. The wisps were powerful beings of light who once roamed the omniverse. Now, like dying stars, these ethereal remnants are burning the last of their energy. They are no longer sentient, but seem to sense the world around them. For the next minute, the wisps float about the area, restoring the hit points of all creatures and animating new plant life.

Every creature in the scene stops what they are doing while the wisps are present and remain still with awe until they fade to the beyond. The target feels a deep chill in their bones and is hit for 1 HP.

You can use the spell to snuff out small fires. The fireball explodes on contact, dealing 6 damage to any creatures and objects it hits. You can shape the spell to avoid allies or creatures you do not want to harm.

The ice shatters, and the creature is freed if they take any additional damage. The heat is enough to make the creatures very uncomfortable but not enough to harm them. A bolt of lightning strikes it from the sky or from your hands, dealing 8 damage and creating a deafening blast of thunder.

If the creature has metal connected to their body, it becomes molten, hitting them for an extra 2 HP. The fog rolls out rapidly, spilling around corners and down slopes. Within a few seconds, you blanket everything nearby in fog. Creatures inside the fog cannot see beyond their reach, preventing them from making ranged attacks.

The fog disperses after you leave the area, or if the area is hit by strong winds. The vortex lasts until you leave the area. Any creatures touching the vortex are violently sucked in, submerged, and then spit out, each taking 2 damage.

A gale forms that you can spread across an area of any size and shape in your scene, as long as you can see its area of effect. Inside the area of effect, wind blows at ferocious speeds, kicking up dust and sending small objects flying.

Creatures inside can't see far away, only what's nearby. When you begin the spell, the gust knocks creatures to the ground and sends them tumbling backward until they leave the area of effect. Creatures outside of the gust cannot enter it unless they are larger than the area of effect. The river gathers a surge of strength upstream. A torrent of water arrives at your location in the path of the river 15 seconds later. All creatures caught in the torrent are swept downstream and deposited on shore far away, beyond where you can see.

The storm lasts until you leave the scene. While the storm is active, you may call upon it to produce these effects: 1 You cause a downpour. All creatures under the storm cannot hear anything beyond their reach until the end of the scene.

Spend 1 AP per target. You gain eagle-eye vision for the next minute. You can see anything in your line of sight clearly, even if it is far away, and you can detect faraway movement that would be imperceptible to a normal person. You purr softly under your breath, imbuing up to 6 nearby creatures with the spirit of the cat. For the next hour, affected creatures gain the ability to see things nearby in complete darkness as if they were in a dimly lit room. The effect cannot pierce magical darkness.

Affected creatures may occasionally feel the urge to stop what they are doing and clean themselves. You howl, imbuing up to 6 nearby creatures with haste.

Howl at the table. For the next hour, creatures affected by the spell can outrun any other creatures while traveling by foot. You feel a subtle signal in your body whenever you will imminently be threatened by another creature. The hair on your skin might raise, or you might feel a tingling in your bones. This includes creatures that you can't see. If you detect a creature this way, your party cannot be ambushed.

If you detect a creature trying to attack you, your party gets the first round in combat. Choose two: aurasight. Detect a faint outline around anything that is currently affected by a spell. Detect objects nearby whose relative heat makes them stand out, like creatures with warm bodies. This works through walls. See in darkness nearby as if it were dimly lit. See around corners inside of enclosed spaces, like buildings. You must be within reach of the corner. For example, you can see around the bend of a hallway.

Detect whether something is an illusion. Illusions you detect with this spell appear to flicker. You can write your own or borrow one from another author. Use one that plants might appreciate, like "Hear my voice ring, and welcome the spring. You can choose any season for the world you inhabit, and the effect lasts for the next day.

The spell takes a minute to cast; the the effect emanates rapidly from your location. The weather inside the zone will be unpredictable, but typical of the season you choose. For example, if you turn a hot season to a cold one, you may bring snow. Your brief poem entreats the plants to produce a harmless effect by moving or growing slightly. The things you want to manipulate must be within range. You may make trees rustle, cause leaves to fall, get plants to bloom, vines to expand, and seeds to sprout.

For example, you might have vines grow thorns and lash a creature, or have a tree shake its acorns on their head violently. You must tell the stone a story about your family � perhaps a memory of a gathering, like a holiday. Give this story at the table. The monument reciprocates your offering by sharing its wisdom. The effect lasts for one month. The Guide chooses the disaster. You create a storm centered on you with a radius of 1 kilometer.

It lasts as long as you wish to channel it, but you take 1 HP of damage for each turn you spend maintaining the spell. You may choose the size of the storm eye, which is safe inside. The animal can be no smaller than a mouse and no larger than an elephant. You may only choose this form once. Choose the nature of the disaster: lightning.

Electricity streaks through the storm, arcing through conductive objects and lashing any NPCs caught in it. Water condenses in the storm field, turning into apple-sized balls of hail. The air temperature in the storm field is freezing. NPCs in the storm field are hit for 1 HP during each turn you maintain the spell. Creatures cannot see beyond their reach in the howling whirl of ice. Sustained winds of terrifying force whip through the storm field.

Weak buildings are completely destroyed, all windows are shattered, many roofs will cave in, and trees may be uprooted. Most unsecured objects are picked up by the storm and sent flying far away.

Any NPCs caught in the storm field are blown around, can't move, and are hit for 4 HP for each turn you cast the spell. You may morph back and forth between your original form and your chosen form at will.

When you change between forms, you maintain your current hit points. You adopt the animal's natural capabilities when you take its form. Your basic attacks in animal form hit for 3 damage. You may now cast spells in animal form and speak telepathically to your allies. You can still use the Animal Form and Shapeshift abilities p. The object must be small enough to fit inside a 10xmeter cube. The transformation is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Casting this spell consumes your life forever; you can never be brought back. Your entire knowledge of nature manifests in the spell. When you cast it, your body dissipates in radiant light, becoming a cascading wave of energy that transforms the planet you are on. The wave of energy first alters the atmosphere, making it capable of supporting life if it is not already suitable.

The bloom radiates outward from your location until the entire planet is transformed. The spell forms oceans and rivers if they do not already exist. If you choose at the time of casting, the spell disintegrates any constructed objects, like buildings or infrastructure, returning the land to nature.

Any objects that are destroyed in this way are done so gracefully, such that existing living things, like people and animals, are lowered to the ground unharmed. This is a permanent transformation that cannot be stopped, interrupted, or reversed by countermagic.

They lean down to examine the dead, discovering what caused their cruel fate. They sense the departed and speak with lost souls. The spell does not remove impairments, heal permanent wounds, or cure disease. You cannot use this spell during combat. After a short time, the creature is relieved of any short-term impairments, including temporary blindness, deafness, weakness, and illness. The spell does not remove permanent conditions. If you are using Heal on another member of the party, they may contribute any amount of their own AP to help pay for the spell.

In this state, the creature cannot be affected by fear or confusion. For a brief time, they feel better than they have ever felt before. This spell has an addictive effect. If you cast it more than three times on the same creature, they will obsessively seek it out. You cannot cast this spell while in combat. The spell restores all hit points, regenerates any missing limbs, and removes disease.

If you are using Restore on another member of the party, they may contribute any amount of their own AP to help pay for the spell. You can write your own lullaby or borrow one from another author. Read it at the table. You can make them look older, younger, or like a completely different person. If you are making them look like a specific person, you must be able to see a reference of their face while you are casting the spell. Creatures affected by the spell collapse and enter a dreamful state, but wake up immediately if they are harmed.

Add 1 AP for each minion you wish to put to sleep. During this time, they feel numb to external pain. Their hardened shell absorbs up to 2 HP from physical hits. Any damage dealt in excess of 2 HP hits the creature normally. The creature's skin returns to normal after 1 minute. You may only cast the spell on yourself or willing allies. Creatures in this state cannot see, feel, speak, or move, but they remain semiconscious and can hear what is happening around them.

Affected creatures become cold to the touch, and their pulse is undetectable, appearing to be dead to onlookers. Only magic can reveal the ruse. Creatures who are feigning death do not wake if they are harmed, unless the harm brings them to death's door. The transformation is permanent and can only be reversed with the Restore spell or by casting Reshape again. Choose one: two-way link: When either of the linked creatures is dealt damage, the damage is also dealt to the other creature. This does not include damage that hits the creatures simultaneously like an area-of-effect spell.

Any time damage is dealt to this creature, it is also dealt to the other. The Guide will notify you when this sense is triggered. It can move around, but it cannot leave your scene. The spell ends when you leave the scene. You can sense the location where any creatures died, as well as the general nature of their death; you sense if they were killed by natural causes, an accident, or foul play.

You control the creature telepathically. It is not conscious, and it only follows your commands. The creature has 3 HP and can attack for 1 HP. This effect lasts until you leave the area. You do not need to be able to see a spirit as long as you have sensed its presence, like with the Deathsense spell. You may have a conversation with the spirits for up to a minute, and you communicate with them telepathically.

You must share a language to understand each other. Spirits must want to respond; if they choose not to speak to you, your adventure point is refunded. Choose one: 5 dark passenger. You merge the creatures. The spirit creature becomes a permanent passenger in the living host's mind. The passenger can't control the body, but it can experience its senses and talk to the host telepathically.

The host creature's consciousness fades away. The spirit inhabits and takes full control of the host's body. Fragments of the host creature's memory remain and will occasionally arise in thought. This can only be used on bosses if they have less than 20 percent of their total HP remaining. The wound turns flesh black-green and branches out from where you touched them. The spell hits for 1 HP immediately, and again at the beginning of the target's next turn.

A total of 2 damage. Affected creatures can only recover these hit points with the Restore spell p. Their lifespan does not change, but they experience some of the effects of advanced age. They begin to feel as if death is approaching on the horizon � a condition that may change the creature's behavior and goals.

This spell only works on creatures with a heart. You may choose to instantly cause their heart to explode, killing them. Or you may turn their heart into a time bomb that explodes after a delay of up to 1 year. You may choose up to three effects from this list: Wakefulness, alertness, increased confidence, anxiety, euphoria, laughter, vivid sensations, paranoia, hallucination, drowsiness, relaxedness, sweating, nausea, chills, disorientation, irritability, or poor concentration.

Choose one set of symptoms: searing. The creature becomes feverish and disoriented. They cannot see clearly beyond their reach. The creature's extremities become swollen and painful. They are unable to wield weapons effectively. The creature can't recover HP. On a catastrophe, you also become afflicted.

If the boss is reduced to 20 percent or less of its maximum hit points while cursed, its heart explodes and it dies instantly. Choose one effect: temperature. The creature feels a relaxing sensation of inner warmth or a cool external breeze. Or you can make them feel too hot or too cold. The creature either sees food and drink as revolting, feels an insatiable hunger and thirst, or feels perfectly fed and hydrated.

The creature either feels relaxed wherever they sit or lay, or they cannot find comfort however they arrange their body. For instance, you may make a target creature see green as purple. Or you may combine multiple colors, perhaps making the target see yellow and green as blue. You can also cause the target to see oversaturated colors, undersaturated colors, or give them monochromatic vision. You can choose any number of changes and combinations as long as they do not overlap. You may choose to disable a single sense: feeling, sight, hearing, smell, or taste.

For example, you might have them see the town mayor as a clown or all wolves as puppies. Or you might have them think that freshly baked bread smells like fire. The spell lasts until you cancel it or until the creature is harmed by the effects of the deception. This ability only works on sleeping creatures.

Each AP you spend increases the effect by up to 1 additional year. The corpse must be intact enough for you to look at it. It cannot be completely obliterated. You are also able to determine the time and date of its death. You must pontificate about your past experience at the table to explain what is familiar to you. If you need more detail, ask the Guide what you sense. You touch a creature, extending your senses to diagnose a mysterious affliction, like a disease, spell, or curse.

You must correctly guess the entire name of the affliction. If your guess is wrong, the spell fails and you must spend 1 AP to try again. The Guide will give you blanks to fill in that show how many words are in the name and how many letters are in each word. You may start by guessing letters that appear in the name. If you guess a letter correctly, the Guide will reveal everywhere that letter appears in the name.

If you guess incorrectly 6 times, the spell fails. Once you have diagnosed an affliction, you can automatically identify it in the future by touching a creature. When you are finished, the Guide will reveal a useful clue about your scene to you.

For example, you may revert an adult creature into a child, giving it the opportunity to grow old again. The creature retains all of its memories, unless you revert it to infancy. The creature obtains the basic physical capabilities appropriate for its state of development. You do not know its destination. When its imprisonment is up, it reappears at its previous location. You may choose to tie the spell to a trigger that can cause it to end; for example, cursing them to sleep until they are embraced by a family member, or tying it to an object that must be destroyed to end the spell.

You can end the spell at any time you choose. You can only maintain this spell on one creature at a time; if you cast it again, the previous spell ends, freeing the creature from stasis.

You must recite a statement at the table about what it means to be alive. It can be a passage from a book, a poem, or something else that expresses ideas about the meaning of life. The target of the spell falls unconscious for the next minute as their body rapidly experiences 1 million years of evolution toward self-awareness. The evolutionary process alters the animal's physical features and capabilities in ways you may not expect.

The new creature is thrown into the world with competency in one language, a sense of self-identity, and a vague awareness of its past life, including a few specific memories of significant moments.

Another way of putting it: they are now a person like you. The creature knows you gave it life. They slip in and out of the shadows, striking foes when they least expect it. They craft remarkable, bespoke tools that give them an edge in their pursuits. You should play The Spy if you want to roleplay a supremely skilled character who relies on practical means to achieve their aims. If you are falsely presenting as a citizen or official of a city or nation and your authenticity is challenged, you may use a local mannerism to fool common people.

You must come up with the mannerism and describe it to the table. It can be a gesture, like a special handshake, a common saying, or some other idiosyncrasy from the people you are pretending to belong to. You must appeal to something that your adversaries find agreeable. The Guide will choose one of these as the right answer, and secretly write it down: orders.

Someone with authority commanded you to do it. You didn't know better. It was a genuine mixup! You offer something of value from your inventory to make this go away. You must guess the right approach, and describe how you make the appeal. After you give your story, the Guide will reveal the choice they wrote. If you guess correctly, your adversaries will leave you alone. You initiate the ruse by giving a special wink to a party member.

Then, each of your nearby party members must proclaim an incredible fact that creates your identity. For example, a party member might begin by calling attention to you as a fabled writer, a storied warrior, or a sports hero.

The other members of the party should build on this fake identity until everyone has contributed. Each claim should be more fantastical than the previous one. When everyone is finished, you draw a captive audience of nearby creatures who crowd around you. You may immediately move behind them to perform one of the following actions: magic item. A single-shot hand cannon that uses a silent magic charge to propel a slug.

The Death Hand can sense your target and guide your hand to make a perfect shot on any target you can see in your scene, including those that are far away. Welcome to a world of mountains, valleys, seas and cities, all within the colossal impossible structure of a castle's rooms and corridors.

Write your characters journal as they explore the strange lands of. This is an absolutely colossal edition to a game that's already a not small and b ever-growing in both scope and. I have been playing Colostle this last week. This 9-page digital add-on module adapts the rules of Colostle to be playable as 2 players, with special unique rules to make co-operative play fun and quite different!

This is a rules add-on module. The point of this exercise is to. In my rush to scale the mountain, I was not as mindful of my surroundings as I should have been. Strap a piece of automaton to your back and explore an entire world inside a castle with solo RPG Colostle, which is in its final hours of crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Colostle, an impossibly massive castle, the interior of which is so large that mountains, valleys, towns, cities and even oceans. Colostle is a solo RPG adventure game world and system that allows players to keep a journal of their adventures in a fantastical world.

Colostle is not the exception; I didn't play it. Colostle has won a series of awards, and they are well. Colostle is a rulebook and setting for an adventure in the impossible roomlands of the Colostle, a castle so huge that whole continents, oceans and mountain ranges sit within its rooms.

For this collaboration project, Colossal Titan will be the main target. An essential set of easy to use tabletop rpg tools for any players, even beginners, perfect for playing around the table or online, as itself or aside your.

A new class for the solo RPG Colostle. Gifts for Dungeon Masters and Game Masters. Colostle is a solo RPG adventure gamebook where you explore an impossible world of mountains, oceans and cities all within the rooms. Not really that lucky I guess since it is readily available from the publisher just type Colostle into. Colostle solo RPG - Sesion 1 and review. Attack on Titan 2 Review: Colossal Action. It's not a rare approach, but Colostle has found a rare success, listing in "The Best Games of " from Tabletop Gaming Magazine, earning more than subscribing patreons and smashing Kickstarter targets with an expansion.

While I think the game is brilliant it is my first journaling rpg , I find its combat system too simple and not rewarding. The Triangle Cafe, Batesville, Arkansas. Using Handy Brawl as alternative combat system for Colostle. This raid takes place at the home of the last colossal, Azure. Colossal Armor: Armor forged of the remains of a colossal being. Last updated February 25, The city can trace its recorded history to , when a squatter was reportedly living in a log cabin where the Poke Bayou enters the White River.

What if the entire world was a colossal castle? A solo �. What I can say though, is that it is incredibly beautiful. Explore the endless expanse of a mysterious castle in solo. Level up by conquering plenty of Zones or by completing challenging. I've been pootling around with my Brutal Quest RPG sessions and have been really enjoying the process of constant.

All the rules required to play a solo RPG adventure in the lands of the Colostle. Summary This book aims to be the most complete, most comprehensive, most innovative authority on solo tabletop roleplaying game. It has already surpassed its initial goal and unlocked several stretch goal options for hardcover printing, additional journal pages and more. Colostle is a solo RPG where your character explores and adventures in an impossibly large castle, where the rooms are big enough to house entire mountain ranges, forests or seas.

Colostle - A Solo RPG Created by Nich Angell Discover a world of mountains, valleys, seas and cities, all within the colossal impossible structure of a castle's rooms and corridors. Write your characters journal as they explore the strange lands of Colostle, a castle so colossal that fields, valleys, mountains,.

This Patreon is for supporting the. About Batesville, Arkansas. Character creation And Day 1 of our adventureDisclosure I am a terrible drawer but I love to tell stories. It's set in a World sized castle where a room can contains mountains, oceans, deserts, and more.

Hello Hero is a quirky, fast-paced, social role-playing game that packs a punch! You can gather and recruit over awesomely odd Heroes. Use a standard deck of playing cards and check your draws against prompts and rules in the book to see what you discover on your adventures, and then write of. In the role-playing game Colostle you will experience incredible adventures! Colostle is indeed a castle, but so large that its rooms can. Always present on the horizon were the colossal cooling.

Write your characters journal as they explore the strange lands of Colostle, a castle so colossal that fields, valleys, mountains, and even oceans rest within its 'rooms'. Natalie's, Batesville, Arkansas. The adventure continues in this expansion to the solo RPG journalling adventure game, Colostle. The ENnies Announces Nominees. Located along the shores of the White River, Batesville is a small community located in the north central section of the state about 90 miles from Little Rock.

Holding title as the second oldest city in the state, the town is packed with history. The landscape was full of machines and scrap metal connected to the facility in one way or another. It seems like a great game as far as solo RPGs go, that's what others seem to say.

The first free update to the already colossal RPG game's expansion is now available, coming with four new. The tabletop fantasy roleplaying game store. The game book and system, along with a deck of standard playing cards, throws prompts and moments at you, and you must.

Health in Fawn Creek, Kansas. Natalie's is ready to serve you Mon - Friday 11 am till 3 pm. From the Kickstarter: A blank-lined journal, styled in keeping with the world of Colostle, for recording your adventures. This is my first adventure in the world of a solo RPG Colostle, recently funded through kickstarter. Bring your dice and your imagination and discover your greatest adventure. Home appreciation the last 10 years has been Discover 4 incredible character classes and a simple ruleset that only requires pen and paper and a deck of playing cards, to embark on a grand adventure.

Explore the endless expanse of a mysterious castle in solo RPG. Colostle is creating adventures, stories and artwork. Thingiverse is a universe of things. Colostle has won a series of awards, and they are well deserved. Colostle Adventurer's Journal The book includes: Setting and lore of the world; Character creation prompts and systems.

The first part of the raid takes. For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter! No, there is no set solo adventure to play through. Discover a world of mountains, valleys, seas and cities,. Colostle Creators of the award-winning solo RPG adventure game world of 'Colostle' and its affiliated products Colostle is a solo RPG adventure game world and system that allows players to.

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Reviewer: noisician - - July 12, Subject: incomplete? These files appear to get us only half-way through the "A" section of this collection.

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Colostle Solo RPG + Its Expansion

WebThese two new classes I've come up with were created while writing stories using Colostle and I've wanted to share them for awhile now so here they are! I hope everyone enjoys . WebCharacter Sheet PDF, printer-friendly black and white for using when playing Colostle. WebVarious role playing games. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be unstoppableapps.comg: colostle�� pdf.