htc sync manager software free download
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Htc sync manager software free download fortnite download windows 10

Htc sync manager software free download

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And with the rising interest in these phones, the company had to provide some additional features and materials, especially software. It is made for helping you with various tasks, but most importantly, it will help you with syncing tasks. To conclude, HTC Sync Manager is a syncing task that can help you sync large-scale information and some minor pieces of info with ease, thanks to its modern and intuitive interface.

HTC Corporation. Helium Desktop 1. AdbLink AdbFire 5. LG Bridge 1. LDPlayer 9. Debloater 4. SideSync 4. Leave this field empty. It allows users to organize and manage their music, photos, and videos on their HTC devices. With the multimedia manager, users can create playlists, organize files into specific folders, and view their media collections in various ways. It enables users to update the software on their HTC phones.

With Sync Manager, users can conveniently access and download the latest firmware updates for their device, ensuring that it is running the most recent version of the operating system.

If you are looking for the direct download links, you can use the following links:. It may also require Microsoft Office Outlook to be installed on the computer. You can get the PDF from here. So Full credit goes to them for providing the application for free.

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This will include contacts, photos, videos, calendars, text messages, and such other stuff. It has been chosen by us by carrying out an in-depth review of Wondershare TunesGo. It is free to download trial version. Hence, it is a genuine product which can be used by all the HTC Users. It's a tie. Wondershare TunesGo is compatible with every Android phone, and even iOs phones as well. So Wondershare TunesGo wins this one. Advanced features such as one-click back up, one-click root, data recovery are absent from HTC Sync Manager.

Therefore, Wondershare TunesGo wins this one as well. However, if you want to have it all, then everything is possible with Wondershare TunesGo.

Why people need a pc suite for their mobile phones? So you can enjoy your media content's section. Sync: Sync everything on your HTC phone including personal information such as contacts and messages with your personal computers. This makes it easier to use your technology at once, as all your private information can be seen at both your HTC Phone as well as your personal Computer. HTC Sync is a free multimedia syncing application. Whether it's on your phone or desktop or even whether it's on Android or iPhone HTC Sync provides a touch of the cloud storage everybody keeps talking about and uses it to let you keep your music and photos wherever you go The file space provided by HTC Sync has a dual purpose.

It allows for file backups of course as any cloud storage solution does. But it also allows for playback of music videos and other media on each device that's synced. This makes it a powerful tool for having files on your PC and your phone intermingle. Or another use case: sync multiple family members' phones on one account to allow for greater flexibility in the family's use of multimedia. Past that it also can sync contacts bookmarks and other metadata which is useful for moving phones or keeping organized.

Unfortunately HTC Sync doesn't make it easy to preview even simple text files. But the focus here is on multimedia. For that and for keeping the backups that'll ensure you don't lose any multimedia it is great. Because it's an offering from a company that also acts as a phone vendor it's complemented well by some of HTC's other software tools but is useful on its own too. Totally unreliable software!.

This is a really horrible piece of software. Most of the time it just doesn't recognise my HTC phone. Very occasio nally it will synch, but it is totally unreliable. Pros: The few occasions when it actually works! Cons: Reliability! Sync manager is buggy and can prove difficult to use more often than not. Absolutely horrible. The program is buggy and the interface is far f rom smooth and orderly which makes it difficult to get things done in an efficient manner.

I've had plenty of problems with this program that simply shouldn't exist such as when the program cannot recognize the phone connected to it. I had to manually install the apk files onto the phone just to get it to pop up correctly. It could be good possibly but so far I'm not impressed.

I'd rather manually plug whatever files I want into my phone than use this and sadly I have never had such issues when I was using iTunes to sync my phone data. Cons: Sync sometimes doesn't recognize the phone. Interface is basic. Easier to manually plug in files onto the phone itself than it is to sync it through this program More.

HTC Sync 3. It would be nice if at least there was a file with error codes and explanations I also get replications of names on a random basis each time I attempt to sync. Extremely frustrating and there is no automated process for eliminating duplicates. Am I unique with this problem - there appears to be a trend since had similar problem with calendar syncs earlier today. Letting the team down.. Come on guys, stop trying to fix what's not worth fixing!