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Download ie11 for windows 10 64 bit

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On this page you can view the latest news headlines, see world news, news specifically about your city and more. At the top of the page there are icons directing you to other Microsoft software and apps, like the Microsoft store, Outlook, One Drive, and the Microsoft Office Suite.

Entering anything into the MSN search bar redirects you to the Bing search engine. The interface is incredibly simple, with four icons to the top right taking you to menus for favorites and history, an icon for tools, one for settings, and one to bring you back to the home page.

There is no clutter and tabs are quite thin - even more so than some competitors. There are a few features that we find really cool, and one of our favorites is the ability to pin websites. If there's a website that you visit frequently, just drag the tab down to the task bar and bam - the website is pinned! From then on, clicking on the icon brings up the page in Internet Explorer and changes the tab's appearance - navigational arrows are now the color of the site's icon like light blue for Twitter or pink for Instagram and the logo sits on the far left of the address bar.

Back to privacy, which is at the top of our list of important things to know about browsers. Microsoft is very transparent about security and the data that they collect from users.

Depending on your settings, Microsoft does store data about the products and features that you use through their services. Some of this data is required by law, and some of it is taken in exchange for the use of their products, but most times this is basic information like your name and email address.

If you're uncomfortable with this knowledge, there are ways to restrict what data is collected by visiting Microsoft's opt-out page and clearing some of what you'll find on the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard, like your location data and search history. It was previously available for some video game consoles, but is not available on Android and iOS devices.

This version of Internet Explorer is not the same one from ten years ago. When people think of this browser, they think that it's outdated, slow, and boring to look at.

Truthfully, IE11 is a fresh breath of air compared to what it used to be. With that said, if you're someone who likes the convenience of having a large extension catalogue, IE may not be what you're looking for. In that case, Chrome would be ideal as they have an extension for nearly anything that you can think of. If you have a Mac, Safari is great for all of your basic needs as well.

The user who just wants to browse the web, do some shopping, and watch YouTube will have no problem with Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a basic, decent browser. No new-fangled add-ons or extensions, no bells and whistles. It can handle searches, bookmarking, videos at a decent resolution, and some light browser games.

Don't look to do too much with this browser besides surface activities like researching, reading, and some occasional downloading of small files. You should download Internet Explorer if you're a very basic internet user. If you prefer paper books to Kindles, and writing letters to texting, this browser will be up your alley. You can watch videos, but after testing a few on YouTube, switching to another tab and then back again would cause the browser to crash. Avoid websites with a lot of ads and graphics, as those will make IE crash as well.

This browser has come a long way in terms of speed with most sites loading in about three seconds or less. With that said, there are more things that you can't do than what you can, especially if you're trying this browser out after using others like Firefox or Chrome. No extensions, no heavy downloading, and playing browser games is nearly impossible for an extended amount of time.

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How To Install Internet Explorer 11 Browser Mode On Windows 7/8/10/11

WebJun 15, �� Download Internet Explorer 11 (bit) for Windows 7 ONLY from Official Microsoft Download Center Internet Explorer 11 has retired as of June 15, IE11 . WebJun 15, �� Popular Internet Explorer downloads 01 Internet Explorer 11 for IT Professionals and Developers--Windows 7 bit Edition and Windows Server R2 . Support for Internet Explorer 11 has end Get started with Microsoft Edge See more.