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Anytek x28 software download

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Is Anytek X28 the original authentic Anytek brand? Our store is an authorized store of Anytek. We have a range of qualifications and official powers of attorney. What kind of car model is the Anytek X28 suitable for? What is included in the Anytek X28 product? How does the Anytek X28 need to be connected? The Anytek X28 needs to be used in a car with an Android car player. The Android car player version requires Android 4. Anytek X28 currently only supports the Android player after the installation, and does not support the Android car player that comes with the original car.

Can the Anytek X28 be connected to a car charger? The Anytek X28 can be connected to a car charger, but you can't do it all, and you can't make any settings. Connect the car charger, it can only record, watch the recorded video, you need to take out the TF card and watch it on the computer.

Therefore, I do not recommend that you use a car charger. After the Anytek X28 is connected to the Android player, the device cannot be recognized. Anytek X28 has higher requirements for the car's Android player. Please uninstall the old version of the software, install the new version of the software, and then try to connect via USB.

What software does the Anytek X28 need to work with? This software can be installed into your car's Android player for use. Install the phone app to your Android phone for use. The premise of connecting with the mobile phone, the Anytek X28 must be successfully connected to the car Android player, otherwise the phone cannot be connected 3, Anytek X28 mobile phone iOS software.

Install the phone app to your Apple phone for use. The premise of connecting with the mobile phone, the Anytek X28 must be successfully connected to the car Android player, otherwise the phone cannot be connected. Will the Anytek X28 software continue to be updated in the future? Anytek will always optimize the software, and if a new version is released in the future, our store will promptly tell our customers.

High-definition recording resolution, angles, mobile phone interconnection, ADAS alarm in the case of networking. Can the Anytek X28 be connected to a rear view camera? My friend, the Anytek X28 hine itself does not have a connector for the rear view camera and cannot connect to the rear view camera.

And a car can only use one Anytek X28, only the front of the car can be recorded. Does the Anytek X28 need to be manually switched on and off? After the Anytek X28 is connected to your car's Android player via USB, it will automatically turn on and automatically turn on the recording. The drive recorder automatically turns off when your car goes out. What kind of TF card does the Anytek X28 support? Please use a good quality, big brand TF card to prevent damage to the hine, recording video errors, etc.

How long does it take to ship the Anytek X28? It takes about days to purchase from your order, and we will send out your package. Is there any after-sales service for Anytek X28? The instructions are very difficult. I suggested they invite me to China and I will help with writing in English. Makes a good paperweight.

I plugged the camera into my desktop computer and accessed the preloaded files. I emailed them to myself and opened them on the phone - the APK file. The App opens but keeps telling me to connect via Wi-Fi.

The camera does not appear in the phones Wi-Fi so it cant be connected. I have a pretty blue light that flashes but that's all. Piece of junk unless anyone has succeeded? I at least got my money back now.

I see from the latest adverts that : To use the WiFi connection to a phone, must be connected via the car player converter to connect, not directly to the phone. This was not on the advertisement that I bought and although Anytek insist that it should work - it doesn't so Pay some extra money and buy something that works!!!!!!!!!!!!! Impossible d'installer quoi que ce soit, ni sur pc, ni sur la voiture.

What is your take on this? Instruction manual is not clear. How the fk can you connect to wifi when I can not see it in the phone's wi fi? No funciona!!!

Solicita efectuar un registro y no hay manera de conseguirlo. Todo en chino. It only works with slightly dated models. Better to use "Made in Germany" solutions! Post a Comment. November 18, Anytek G 2.

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