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Cfa level 2 question bank free download pdf

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Most item sets include calculation-based questions as well as descriptive questions that focus on the concepts that candidates are assumed to understand after having read in detail the curriculum.

Make no mistake! As such, success calls for sacrifice and intensive preparation. Our level II question bank is designed to help you understand, retain, and master the curriculum, including the exam format. With hundreds of distilled item sets prepared by our staff of CFA charterholders and instructors, you can be assured of effective and proven study material rich in exam tips and tricks. Try out 10 free test item sets 60 practice questions by registering a free account.

In your dashboard, you will be able to see your progress, analyze your results using a customizable timeline, and identify your strongest and weakest chapters.

However, you can also greater your chances of passing the Level II CFA exam by studying in a smart way and using all of the available tools to gain an edge over other candidates. The content will be updated each year to reflect the changes in the curriculums. You guys are the best. But with the up-to-date study material, there is little to worry about. The Premium package is cheaper and the questions are well answered and explained. The question bank has a wide range of examinable questions extracted from across the whole syllabus.

Thank you so much for helping me pass my first CFA exam. Thanks a lot to AnalystPrep and your support. In addition, their customer service is excellent. Their customer support answered all of my questions when I had problems with what was written in the curriculum. Very good learning tool. I contacted support a few times for technical questions and Michael was very helpful. Buy Now. Trusted by Thousands of Candidates each year. Our notes and video lectures for Level II of the CFA Exam give candidates the opportunity to retain the exam materials at a much faster pace than candidates who simply read and re-read the curriculum.

Mock Exams. Each mock exam come with detailed statistics so you know where you stand compared to other AnalystPrep candidates. A few months pass following the acceptance of Blackthorn as client. The equity allocation of the portfolio generates losses as the economic cycle experiences a downturn. As a result, the plan sponsor reports a deficit on the pension plan.

In response to the losses, Singh suggests that the equity allocation be expanded to include venture capital FinQuiz. All three club members have unanimously decided on formalizing a policy with regards to the responsibilities of members to clients. The drafted policy includes the following points: 1. Best execution must be sought at all times even for client directed brokerage arrangements; this is to ensure that optimal investment decisions are made for client accounts.

The policy for selecting client accounts to participate in an order must be fair and equitable. Account holdings should be diversified to minimize the risk of loss unless such an action is otherwise contrary to client objectives.

However, he lacks the necessary experience and knowledge and relies on a report published by Taka, who is an expert on emerging markets. The report features a full-length discussion on the principal risks, expected returns, and diversification potential of the index stocks. However, the report does not mention the fact that the specific emerging market index being evaluated comprises of stocks likely to be upgraded to developed equity market index. Singh purchases the stocks after careful consideration of their appropriateness for client accounts.

He discloses to his clients and employer that he relied on third party research but does not identify Taka as the author. Yes, he has violated his duty to his employer only. Yes, he has violated his duty to his employer and misrepresented his position with respect to the model. No, there is no requirement to seek best execution if the client expressly states so. No, seeking best execution is not necessary in client-directed brokerage arrangements.

Policy 2 only. Policy 3 only. Both of the policies. CAM has been established by a group of successful entrepreneurs, each from a different industry. At the firm, Diaz is currently managing the financial portfolio of Bright Education BED , a foundation providing free education to children less than ten years of age.

In the management of international assets, Diaz is trying to apply statistical techniques to earn abnormal returns. To get a complete understanding of statistical applications in a financial setting, Diaz contacted Jack Thomas, a quantitative expert at the firm. Coefficients capture this association numerically and can be computed validly as long as the variances of the two variables and the covariance between them are finite and constant.

For this, he had calculated the correlation coefficient between annual returns to a U. Hence, to make sure that the sample correlation is a reliable measure of the true population correlation, you need to recalculate it after removing the effect of the outliers. This shows that investing in high risk investments will yield higher returns. When Thomas asked him why he did so, Diaz stated there was a high positive and significant correlation between short-term interest rates and bond yields and that U.

However, when Thomas performed his own calculations, he stated that the correlation, though high and positive, was not significant and hence, the strategy may prove to be unfruitful. Even so, Diaz gathered the following information to estimate the regression equation for the bond yield and interest rates.

Exhibit 1 Regression analysis with interest rates as the independent variable Covariance between interest rates and bond 0.

Although he knew the method of testing, he did not know how changes in the values of key inputs affected the ultimate conclusion. Thomas is most accurate with respect to: A.

Statement 1 only. With respect to statement 3, is Thomas most likely correct? Yes, because the presence of outliers distorts results. Yes, because the presence of outliers invalidates the normal distribution assumption. With respect to his conclusion about the correlation between short-term interest rates and bond yields, Thomas is most likely using a: A. Using the information provided in Exhibit 1, the values of the intercept and slope coefficients are closest to: A.

Thomas is least accurate with respect to: A. Statement 5 only. Statement 6 only. Angel is currently managing the All Equity Fund AEF of the firm, a fund that invests in a diverse set of domestic and international equities. Since the AEF invests internationally, Robert Kelly, a currency overlay manager, has been hired to manage the currency component of each equity investment. Presently, Kelly is determining the rate at which he would be able to convert EUR5 million to Canadian dollars.

He has gathered the following information about spot rate quotes in the interbank market. He has gathered the following information for this purpose.

Six months prior to the settlement date, Kelly wants to mark this forward position to market. Exhibit 3 displays the spot and forward rate quotes in the FX market. If a dealer quoted a bid-offer rate of 0. If Kelly wants to sell the U. Bob Morgan has just joined GCM as the head of its corporate finance wing. In addition, the marginal cost of borrowing is expected to be If we do not wish to issue debt, what dividend per share should SYNC issue currently on its 5 million shares outstanding?

He stated that both these changes are likely to increase shareholder wealth. The cost of equity will rise by: A. Are SYNC plans to increase shareholder wealth most likely correct? Only with respect to share repurchases. Only with respect to stock dividends. In addition, the expected rate of return on plan assets for the year was 7. During the evaluation process, Litter determined, that as part of their pension planning, the pension committee at LUCEN often revised the estimates and assumptions needed to calculate the amount of pension liability.

Exhibit 2 displays revisions in key assumptions. Assuming LUCEN does not immediately recognize the actuarial loss, there is no amortization of past service costs or actuarial gains and losses, and if instead of the IFRS, financial statements are reported in accordance with the U. Under U. If LUCEN does not revise its estimate of the discount rate, its reported liabilities will be lower, and its reported net income will be higher C.

The change in the life expectancy estimate will increase total liabilities and will result in a higher reported periodic pension cost FinQuiz.

McDonald is head portfolio manager for the Equix Fund, a fund that invests in equities of large market capitalization firms. BlueCan was incorporated on January 01, and is an independent entity making autonomous decisions about operations, investing and financing.

Exhibits 1 and 2 display this information. During the period under analysis, Canada experienced mild inflation. Under the temporal method, if BluCan had marketable debt securities as part of its total assets, and accrued expenses and deferred income taxes as part of its total liabilities, which of the following exchange rate s will it use to translate them into U.

If BLUSH wants to report a higher fixed asset turnover in its consolidated financial statements at a time when the Canadian dollar is weakening against the U. If the USD were chosen as the functional currency for BluCan, which of the following will result in the highest consolidated inventory turnover?

FIFO inventory accounting and an appreciating Canadian dollar If Canada was considered a highly inflationary country, which of the following conditions would result in the same translation results under both IAS 21 and SFAS 52 in the consolidated financial statements? The U. The percentage appreciation of the U. Presently, Forman has asked Pon to use the internal rate of return IRR concept to determine a required return estimate for the stock of Vivo Products Inc.

VIVO , a firm operating in the utilities industry. However, my calculation model does not explicitly include an adjustment for risk and the estimate holds true only if the market is efficient. When Pon asked about whether to use the geometric or arithmetic mean in calculating the risk premium, Forman stated that the major finance models were single period models, so the arithmetic mean was a model-consistent choice.

However, he added that compounding forward using the sample arithmetic mean, even when returns are serially uncorrelated, overestimated the expected terminal value of wealth.

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Cfa level 2 question bank free download pdf Thomas is least accurate with respect to: A. He decides to rely on return on invested capital ROIC and forecasts that the measure will demonstrate a rising trend in the present inflation scenario based on past observations of how this measure reacted to inflation. The policy for selecting client accounts to participate in an order must be fair and cfs. He explains to Jefferson that there are two ways to download mp3 video youtube exposure: A. If Canada was considered a highly inflationary country, which of the following conditions would result in the same translation results under both IAS 21 and SFAS 52 in the click here financial statements?
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CFA Study Resources for Free! How I scored above 90th Percentile with free resources.

WebJan 26, �� Test Prep CFA Level 2 certification practice test questions and answers, exam dumps, study guide and training courses help candidates to study and pass hassle Missing: question bank. WebFree CFA� Practice Questions CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst�. Many professionals in the finance industry will try and obtain their CFA certificate. CFA practice . Web CFA Level 2 schweser practice exam pdf. CFA Level 2 Qbank. CFA Level 2 Schweser Secret Sauce. Wiley CFA Level 2 Video. CFA Level 2 .