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Modern magick donald michael kraig pdf download

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Filled with personal stories and helpful illustrations, along with updated and brand-new material, this new edition of Modern Magick features a completely new lesson that reveals the concepts, techniques, and rituals of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Chaos Magick, and Postmodern Magick. Ideal for beginning, intermediate, or advanced students, and perfect as a manual for magickal temples, this is essential reading for every true magician.

It has become the standard textbook of practical magickal knowledge for magicians all over the world. We highly recommend it to beginner and adept alike. He also studied public speaking and music traditional and experimental on the university level.

After a decade of personal study and practice, he began ten years of teaching courses in the Southern California area on such topics as Kabalah, Tarot, Magic, Tantra, and Psychic Development. He was a member of many spiritual and magical groups and was an initiated Tantric. You will be able to perform real magick.

Then this book will become the most valuable reference tool in your collection of books. What if you want to know even more about a subject? No problem. Each chapter has a bibliography so you can go even deeper into any topic.

There is an annotated bibliography at the end with even more resources. In the new, second edition the contents pages contain more information so it is even easier to find what you need, but there is also an entirely new appendix with answers to many of the most frequently asked questions that Kraig has received over the years.

This book is a must! Loading interface About the author. Donald Michael Kraig 24 books 59 followers. Write a Review. Create a free account to discover what your friends think of this book! Community Reviews. Search review text.

Displaying 1 - 30 of 54 reviews. Be careful, though, much of his information is incorrect, and his pronunciations for the Hebrew is abysmal. However, this is an excellent starter and resource book. It lays out several important rituals in a relatively straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. DMK tends to give you the theory most of it borrowed, and badly for each chapter, then tags a useful ritual at the end. This book rides somewhere in between the neo-pagan fluff that is flooding the market and the masturbatory gibberish of Crowley.

If you prefer primary psycho-philosophical sources, go to Wilhelm Reich, C. Jung, Freud, Plotinus, Heraclitus. That being said, this book is excellent to learn several of the basic rituals passed from the Golden Dawn and O. Bad Tim. The Elves. Author 68 books followers. Time, and readers, will determine if it is really a classic of occult lore or not.

It is, however, a good study course in ceremonial magic, particularly if you like to use the Kabbalah in your workings. And even more than that, we learned a number of things that we were able to incorporate into our own magical lives and efforts. What more could you want from a book than that? The Silver Elves authors of Faerie Unfolding. This is the go to book for anyone with a genuine interest in the real occult.

Kraig is very down to earth, dispels a lot of myths and superstitions surrounding the occult and is very factual.. The book is split up into lessons but it has a wealth of information and experience if you're simply curious.

Certainly not what I was looking for, even if according to reviews and recommendations it was the best. Simply not acceptable, with no clear answers to most beginner's questions. I feel silly after getting through it, and started to respect Wicca, Paganism, witchcraft, sorcery, hodoo and shamanism much more.

This book is mostly Kabbala based, some kind of Kabbala based - discarding the other version of it as something lesser. Who is right? Not for me to decide. Making robes, taking poses one has no health to take, praying You know, if one is praying, completely different prayers usually have no place, and who don't, will not do this too, for the same reason. Getting almost naked in the desert, or big roaring flames of fireplace, or at least in front of grill or barbecue What about the middle of the winter with none of the above, a little bit closer to real life of the most folks?

Same for making place for rituals, with altar and chair and walking place around this without knocking anything out. Have you seen recently the size of majority of places where common people live?

Spreading long-sleeved arms around the candle flames is plain fire hazard in cramped environment. Learning Tarot, some of the Tarot versions. Why not any other method of divination? Make life as complicated as possible with no explanations? Diaries of rituals, dream diaries It it is good for you, OK. For many others "I will have happy dreams or dream of unicorns " together with black tourmaline would be better.

I would also prefer books without rape, genitals' symbolism, sex magic, tampons and diapers in my face, if I have a choice. Wordy and boring.

Well, another money, time and hopes wasted. The positive thinking tells us: "Oh, so what Another day, another book. Hopefully better. Frank Dufriend. Anyone interested in High Magick would do themselves well by picking up this book. Ever pick up by A. Crowley and think 'what the hell? I'm really glad I came by this book, I will be reading plenty more on the subject, but I cannot think of a better place to start than with this book. If you have any interest at all in ceremonial magick, then I would recommend this book.

A friend bought this for me because he loves it and wants me to read it. I'm reading this with another friend and doing the lessons. The first day we read the 4 forwards, the 2 prefaces, and the introduction. They were generally good. I disagree with the Ciceros about the definition of religion that they use when they talk about the difference between magick and religion.

The relationship between magick and religion is complex and I don't have the time or space to discuss it here. I can tell that this is going to have a lot more Kabbalah in it than I prefer. But that is one of the reasons I have never been into Ceremonial magick. The second day we read the first lesson. The author recommends doing one lesson per month.

Lesson 1: keep a dream diary; keep a ritual dairy; get a Golden Dawn compatible Tarot Deck; Relaxation Ritual I would call this an exercise not a ritual ; define magick; Tarot Contemplation Ritual once again not really a ritual ; a lot of stuff about Tarot; the difference between "fortunetelling" and "divination" He recommends saying that you are doing "psychological counseling" p28 in places where divination is illegal.

Do not do this. It is called practicing psychiatry without a license, and more illegal than divination. Where I live the Tarot readers all say that they are doing readings for "entertainment only" because anything else is illegal. But you can say that you are offering "life coaching", so far that does not seem to be a regulated industry. A solid textbook for ceremonial magick with an extensive annotated bibliography for further study.

Donald Michael Craig gives not just the words of the rituals, but how to perform them -- what to visualize, gestures, tools, a daily practice. I'll be rereading and continuing with further studies, but I am very happy with where the book has allowed me to accomplish thus far.

The first book on Ceremonial Magick I ever picked up. It's a great practical primer, filled with exercises and practices the practitioner can immediately begin performing. Don't be surprised if it takes you a few years to work through this one the way it's meant to be done. Eric Williamson. One of the better books Llewellyn has ever published.

A very good introduction to ceremonial magick. Start here and then branch out to Crowley, Mathers, and the rest. Arcuro Shelton. As much a book on self-improvement as anything else, Donald Michael Kraig includes rituals that aid in visualization, building confidence, and developing self-discipline.

This is no simple book on Magick, but seems to offer the groundwork for the reader becoming an all-round better person through the use of ritual and the development of their Magickal ability. Within these twelve lessons, I found Magickal applications for many of the things I've learned through being treated for bipolar disorder. And, in fact, Donald Michael Kraig includes Neuro-Linguistic Programming as part of his lesson for the developmental process of the modern practitioner of Magick.

Not only that, the author includes at the end of each chapter extensive bibliographies, and lesson questions to be answered by the student. I have a limited budget. All of the information I read even that on sex magick was easy to understand. Donald Michael Kraig took the time to explain the jargon, sometimes in excruciating detail, but I appreciated it all.

By doing it his way, he ensures that his readers understand even some of the finer nuances of the lessons he wrote. It may be a bit tedious and boring for a more experienced practitioner of Magick, but I have a feeling I'll be referring to this book for information I need for many years to come, even if it's only to find another book to buy from his bibliographies. One of the things I especially liked was the FAQ section he included at the back of the book. It was nice to see that a number of my own questions had been asked by other readers, and then answered by the author.

And, an interesting phenomenon happened as I read this book. To be honest, at the beginning, I wasn't sure that I should even bother reading this book. And, in fact, I was expecting a lot of what I tend to call woo-woo stuff�information that was incomplete or too "out there" for me to believe in.

However, that was not what I found, and in fact, whenever I began to doubt that I should be reading this book, the next time I opened it to read more after such thoughts, the text would address my thoughts. This happened on more than one occasion�every single time I began to doubt that this is the right path for me. I'm not usually one who sees Signs in everything, but it became pretty clear to me that this was the right book, at the right time, for me.

Donald Michael Kraig's overview of Ceremonial Magick offers, I think, a good starting point for anyone who thinks this particular style of Magick may be for them.

I did not feel talked-down-to or condescended to by the author, who repeatedly advises his readers to perform further study. Given my overall experience with this book, I feel it was the best place for me to start my reading on the occult.

Currently reading Modern Magick after over 20 years of seeing it in bookstores. The cover art just never really called to me. So far pretty good. I would be mindful of the ritual instructions. They're either quite detailed, or are missing some instruction.