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11 hours novel pdf download free

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On the other hand, these novels were written in verse, since they were created to be recited and not read by the public. With our selection, you can enjoy novels written in this era and those written in later years but set in this beautiful time. The crime novel , also known as roman noir in French, or hard-boiled, has been defined as a novel of a professional crime scene.

In addition, the dark nature of the environments in which the story takes place was also taken into account. It is also known as a crime novel, as it is associated with a type of literary work in which solving a mystery is not the main goal, and in which the plots are generally violent. Novels for teenagers are a powerful tool to cultivate reading among young people.

These works not only allow the enjoyment of ludic activity, but they are also a didactic tool since they help with the development of critical thinking in the adolescent population. Novels of this type have an adequate and manageable lexicon for young people, are an experiential reading, are not limited by taboos but keep the good taste and maintain the literary quality of works classified as novels.

These books are ideal for teenagers who love reading, or for those who want to get started in this pleasure. The realism novels came as an aesthetic current that broke with romanticism. This break applies both ideologically and formally, and occurs during the second part of the 19th century.

This genre of novel is characterized by having detailed and extensive information about the characters, scenes, landscapes, etc. This allows the reader to imagine more easily everything described.

Realism novels are very popular and have attracted a large group of readers worldwide over the years. The Renaissance novel represents the transition from the Middle Ages to the modern era. This represented a greater access of the population to the world of literature, as books ceased to be almost exclusive to people with money and education. Also known as the Renaissance novel, this type of literature encompasses a diverse prose style that developed in Europe between the 15th and 17th centuries, just after the Middle Ages.

The Renaissance was notable for an increased interest in classical values and wisdom. By that time, specifically in the sixteenth century, the novel was divided into other subgenres such as sentimental, chivalry, picaresque, pastoral, Moorish, and Byzantine.

The romance novel, also called a romantic novel , is a narrative literary genre of Western origin. It is a variety of the novelistic tales that emerged in the modern era, including common settings and characters.

Its stories tell of the problems experienced by lovers whose love triumphs in the face of adversity. These literary works are very popular, as they usually offer a suitable story of romance and love. In novels of a satirical nature, satire predominates. They are texts in which the authors use prose or verse to ridicule or criticize something or someone.

This novel genre is one of the first to appear and was perfectly represented in works such as Lazarillo de Tormes and the well-known Don Quixote Science fiction novels are derived or born from the combination of fiction, fantasy and horror literary works.

This type of novel reached a great boom in the second part of the twentieth century, thanks to the interest readers had in the future.

This interest was driven by the technological and scientific advances that had been achieved during that time. In general terms, this novel narrates possible events set in an imaginary scenario with stories based in the areas of natural, social and physical sciences. What is known as a novella is a story of less than the length of a novel. Also known as novelette or nouvelle, it employs the narrative resources of a standard novel. During its beginnings, the term novella began to be used as it was in Italy, giving it the meaning of a shorter story than the current novel.

But with the passage of time, the word novella began to be used to catalog all stories that were longer than a short story. This generated the need to differentiate the novel from the short novel. Young adult novels are especially directed to the audience that is in the middle of their youth.

Usually, these works have entertainment, reading habit formation, and didactic function. The young-adult narrative generally deals with themes such as tragedy, war, or love , very similar to stories for adults.

However, a more linear technique is applied to works aimed at youth. The youth audience has increased over the years, thanks to the literary works that have been developed for them. The Novel is undoubtedly the most used narrative genre, so much so that it was considered to be a literary genre different from the narration, but it could not be separated from it due to the use of elements that compose it.

It is generally written in prose, and its content is quite extensive compared to the short story, therefore it usually contains many chapters that are related to each other, thus developing the story from beginning to end. The Metamorphosis is a classic of world literature, written by the Czech Franz Kafka and published in It is an unusual story.

Many literary critics believe that it is a metaphor for the man who grew up in the industrial era, treated as a new slave, condemned to live with the mistreatment and injustices of the system.

It is a short novel that tells the curious transformation of Gregory Samsa into an insect. All the events unleashed by this strange phenomenon, create a growing narrative tension that does not cease until the end of the story. It was first published in December and since then it has become a guiding story in the family traditions of both the United Kingdom and the United States, especially at Christmas time.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a self-centered and materialistic man. This prevents him from sharing with his family and being charitable to the poor, among other things. But, his attitude changes completely after being visited by a group of ghosts on Christmas Eve. During the narration, we will see the conversion of this particular character that will leave us with important life lessons.

White Nights is a short novel by the famous Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It is one of his first works. It was published in , making it his fourth novel. The plot takes place during four white nights, a natural phenomenon in which the sun does not seem to go down completely, so that darkness never really comes.

The narrator is now in the habit of going for walks during the white nights. And although the narrator makes the promise, as the plot progresses he does not seem to keep it. Little Women is a novel that develops deep and human themes within its interesting plot. All of them have to live with the detachment of their father and the economic shortages due to the political and social situation of their time.

As the novel progresses we see the psychology of each of the sisters, how they face the challenges of transitioning into adulthood, as well as overcoming their faults and strengthening their virtues.

Brave New World is a dystopian novel, written by Aldous Huxley and published in Set in a future time, the story contains all the tragic but overlapping elements that lead a society to repression, totalitarianism, and extreme control of human life. Humanity had been plagued by wars and their dire consequences, which is why the citizenry asked the political establishment to take total control and suppress any form of human suffering.

Since then, society was subjected to changes such as infertility, artificial reproduction, indoctrination from birth, caste division, the elimination of the family, the annulment of emotions, and sexual debauchery. This is how the World State functioned until the protagonist began to question everything. The Iron Heel is a dystopian novel, written by Jack London and published in It is considered by many a prophetic work of what would become the current capitalist system.

In the novel, London tells us about an oligarchic and totalitarian regime that ruled for years. In its last century, the system was shaken by working-class revolts that became stronger and more relevant. Society was then divided into three camps: the oligarchy, the proletariat, and the mercenaries. The latter took one side or the other according to their convenience at the time. Finally, the constant conflicts shook the Iron Heel.

Lady Susan is an epistolary novel written by Jane Austen and published posthumously in It is about a widow in her 30s who tries to find a husband for herself and her young year-old daughter. However, in Lady Susan, we do not find a docile and demure woman, who keeps her manners, but a selfish anti-heroine who has no qualms about seeking husbands in men younger than herself, while having a relationship with a married man. Dangerous Liaisons is a classic epistolary novel, written by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos and published in It is about a cruel and Machiavellian ploy by the Marquise de Merteuil and the Viscount de Valmont, who lead a libertine life and rejoice in it through letters.

In exchange, the Marquise would allow the viscount to sleep with her. But, the plans did not go as well as she had hoped and they will all have to pay the consequences of the tragic endings that will be unleashed. The Trial is a posthumous novel by Franz Kafka, it was based on a manuscript that he left unfinished before he died. It is considered a masterpiece and has been included in several lists of the best books in history. The plot revolves around Josef K. From that moment on, he enters hell to try to defend himself from a crime he is unaware of and blindly takes steps in a trial through which it is impossible for him to access justice.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a novel written by Mark Twain and published in parts starting in It is considered a true masterpiece of world literature. In its pages, the reader witnesses the vicissitudes of one of the most famous children of the Anglo-Saxon narrative. The story tells the antics of Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn, who among all the entanglements they generate, one day bury a cat in the cemetery where a murder was being carried out, which they end up witnessing.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and his friend involves not only them but also other friends and the inhabitants of the fictional town of St. Petersburg, on the coast of the Mississippi River. A Tale of Two Cities is the 12th book by Charles Dickens, published in when he was already an outstanding and mature author.

For many critics, the beginning of this novel is the best in the history of literature. Although it was written long after the French Revolution, it is set at that time. These were turbulent years for France, whose people were suffering the horrors of injustice and abuse by the monarchies, and who would henceforth continue to go through the chaos typical of social transformations.

The two cities portrayed in this book are Paris and London. Both were immersed in very different realities that even contrasted, since in the former there reigned an atmosphere of weariness and rebellion, extreme poverty and violence everywhere; in the latter, on the other hand, there was economic and social stability that made peace flourish. The Three Musketeers is one of the greatest novels of the French writer Alexandre Dumas and has become the universal classic favorite of millions of readers around the world.

It was originally published as a folio in As soon as he arrives, he is confronted by the Count of Rochefort, whose identity he does not know at the time. Once in the French capital, he is intercepted by three musketeers Athos, Porthos, and Aramis who challenge him to a duel. However, the feat is thwarted because duels were forbidden. From that moment on, they all become inseparable friends and put themselves at the service of King Louis XIII, thus changing the history of France.

It was published in and received good reviews since then. One critical review posits that this is the earliest known social novel. The plot is quite simple, though no less interesting for that. It all centers on the correspondence between Varvara and Makar, distant relatives from the city of St.

There they relate their personal lives, work matters, and also their views about the society in which they are immersed. Both are poor and this makes them empathize with each other. Varvara is a young girl living with her father and stepmother, and Makar is a government official.

Despite their growing affection for each other, it seems that life has no plans to bring them together. The Time Machine is a science fiction novel, written by H. Wells and published in It is about the extraordinary feat of a scientist who builds a time machine. By discovering the keys to go into the future, this man manages to reach the year , When he returns home, he tells his friends an incredible story about a human civilization that instead of advancing has regressed in terms of social and technological progress.

And when he went even further into the future, he was able to observe the destruction of the earth. Mortimer goes in search of Sherlock and shows him the manuscript about the curse, and tells him about some hound tracks found near the body. From then on, the investigation of this mysterious crime begins. Remember that �Sharing is Building�. In the following article, you will find all the elements that make it possible to build the structure of a�. By the end of this article, you will be able to easily recognize when a book can be considered a�.

If you want to know the definition of a romance novel, its origins, and its main characteristics, this article is�. In the following lines, we tell you everything you need to know about the crime novel, including its main characteristics,�.

The epistolary novel is one of the most influential literary styles in history.

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