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Jennyvr full version apk download

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While you cannot tinker with her appearance, JennyVR still lets you play around a tad and make her dress the way you want. You can pick from her being completely nude or dressed in some sexy stockings and stuff like that. It is something that the game does very well and it truly is quite impressive what they have done here. I think that Jenny is a great looking character and she has a lot of personality to her which is something I like.

The game looks great and the animation on offer is a cut above the rest which of course for a VR sex simulator is a very good thing. I know that when you hear that JennyVR has around five sex positions you might be thinking, what the hell? Other sex simulators offer way more crazy sex positions, but I think what is on offer here is a more realistic kind of sex that most people are familiar with.

Granted, fantasy and getting to do crazy stuff you would never do in the real world can be fun. However, I like how things here are more grounded in reality and it makes for a fun time. I will be honest with you, I came into JennyVR not exactly expecting a great deal, but I did have a ton of fun with this.

Yes, it may be basic in comparison to what some other VR sex simulators are offering, but that was actually a huge part of the appeal of this game for me. Browse games Game Portals. Install Game. Your email address will not be published. Because his famous game JennyVR was built on top of Android, it was able to be ported to the Oculus Quest with relative ease.

Vrjenny Store. JennyVR Rated 3. Add a review Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rated 2. Rated 3. Sex Simulator. Free Demo.

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