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For a mor comprehensive, in depth clean, CCleaner Professional is here to help. Make your older PC or laptop run like new. Its primary concern is to clean up defective or otherwise corrupted registries. I always get here thanks afterwards, but the thanks should go to the guys at Piriform for such a lightweight, simple, yet powerful program that lives up to the task. Open Source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify or enhance. By doing that, it also cleans up your tracks. File Recovery : Recovers deleted files.

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Ezcad2 download

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You can get them slightly cheaper, but not much. Between this and the work the Lightburn team is doing, it will be a welcome relief to have alternatives to EzCrash! Very exciting! Also I have been playing around making some very thermally conductive PCBs with 1mm DBC AlN substrates on my 20 watt fiber laser both removing copper and cutting shapes which does take a bit.

Would love to see a full, feature rich alternative software package to EZcrash. The lasers are great and cheap and well worth the money but it is the software that lets them down.

I would welcome an alternative and applaud the efforts here. Does it use regular G-code? If so do you have a way to use it with Fusion and slicer? It uses a subset of regular g-code. Basically, it is designed to be compatible with the output of FlatCAM. It supports a narrow subset of SVG. In particular, it does not support any SVG transforms, which some SVG software will use liberally without showing it to the user.

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Getting Started Guide. Restoring truncated License and getting started guide. Added ability to check for new releases on GitHub repository. July 1, View code. This software is offered for free, there is no warranty, and the user accepts all risk of it's use.

Installation Change History Version 1. If you find the program useful, please consider a small donation by clicking the link to buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi LaserParamsConverter Converts parameter settings and libraries for different laser engraver wattages and lens sizes.

Change History Version 1. About Converts parameter settings and libraries for different laser engraver wattages and lens sizes. Resources Readme. Releases 7 Release 1. Nov 3, Sponsor this project ko-fi. You signed in with another tab or window.