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Adc pdf download

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CWC Junior Superintendent. India Post Mail Guard. India Post. Puducherry UDC. CAT Exam. CMAT Exam. JEE Main. English English. Answer Detailed Solution Below Option 4 : 1. India's Super Teachers for all govt. Learn today! Resolution in ADC The ADC resolution is defined as the smallest incremental voltage that can be recognized and thus causes a change in the digital output.

Get Started for Free Download App. Trusted by 3. Successive Approximation type DVM: The successive approximation type digital voltmeter works on the principle of balancing the weights in a simple balance.

To understand the concept clearly, let us consider whether we want to measure the weight of some unknown quantity of sugar. What do we do?

First, we approximate the weight of sugar to some known weight, If the weight of sugar is more than the known weight, then we add some more weight to the known weight.

If it is less, then we replace the weight with a lesser value. This process is repeated until the pointer balances the two weights. The successive approximation type DVM uses the same principle.

A simple block diagram of SADVM is given below An elaborated block diagram of SADVM is given below Consists of an input attenuator for selecting the desired range of input voltage and also to attenuate any noise in the given voltage. Selected input is applied to the comparator through a sample and holds circuit.

The successive approximation register SAR receives its 8-bit input from the ring counter after each clock pulse. This voltage is applied as a second input to the comparator. Finally, the digital output is taken out from the successive approximation register with input voltages other than dc; the input level changes during digitization, and decisions made during conversion are not consistent.

To avoid this error, a sample and hold circuit is used and placed in the input directly following the input attenuator. This digital voltmeter is capable of readings per second. Sampling frequency should be less than highest frequency in signal Sampling frequency should be equal to highest frequency in signal Sampling frequency should be as low as possible Sampling frequency should be at least twice that of highest frequency in signal.

Answer Detailed Solution Below Option 4 : Sampling frequency should be at least twice that of highest frequency in signal. Sampling Theorem : It states that to sample a signal , sampling rate must be twice of highest frequency component of signal. The correct option is 1. Answer Detailed Solution Below 5. Concept : An ADC takes analog input and gives output corresponding to the quantized level in the discrete domain.

Answer Detailed Solution Below Option 1 : its accuracy is high. The advantage of using a dual-slope ADC in a digital voltmeter is that its accuracy is high. Dual slope ADC: 1. These are used in the precision application. High resolution can be achieved by using an accurate count. Component value variations will have no effect on accuracy.

Integrating type ADC is the slowest. The conversion time of different ADC is shown below. Type of ADC No. Complete Notes. Analog communication, noise, effects of noise on a signal, types of signal, correlated and un-correlated, types of uncorrelated noise, external noise and internal noise, atmospheric noise, extraterrestrial noise, solar noise, man made noise, internal noise, transist time noise, thermal noise, fliker noise, partion noise, burst noise, noise calculation, modulation, types of modulaton, need for modulation, basic need for modulation, practicability of antena, to remove interference, reduction of noise, multiplexing.

Communication Systems employing electrical signals to convey information from one place to another over a pair of wires provided an early solution to the problem of fast and accurate means of long distance communication.

Today communication enter in our daily lives in so many different ways that is easy to overlook the multitude of its facets. The Mobile phones at our hands, the radio and the television which are the basic and necessary part of our life are capable of providing rapid communication from every corner of globe. Analog and digital Communication are the major mode of communication. Digital communication, need of digital modulation, advantages of digital communication, disadvantages of digital communication, basic encoding techniques or digital modulation techniques, amplitude shift keying, coherent ask detector, non coherent ask detector, frequency shift key or binary ASK, FSK transmitter or modulator, fsk modulated wave, fsk in the time domain, fsk receiver or detector, non coherent fsk demodulation, fsk bit rate, band and bandwidth, applications of digital modulation, binary phase shift keying, BPSK transmitter, operation, bpsk modulated waveform and phasor diagram.

Data and pulse communication, use of data communication network, history of data communication, standard organisation for data communication, some of the standard organisation of data communication are as, internal standard organization, consultative commute for international telephony and telegraphy, institute of electrical and electronics engineers, american national standard institute, electronics industry association, internet architecture board.

Huffman coding, Input, Output. Shannon capacity of a graph, Noisy-channel coding theorem, Channel capacity in wireless communications, AWGN channel, Frequency-selective channel.

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WebJul 9, �� Analog Communication Notes can be downloaded in analog communication pdf from the below article. Analog Communication Syllabus A detailed analog communication syllabus as prescribed by various Universities and colleges in India are as under. You can download the syllabus in analog communication pdf form. . WebACDSee Free connects directly to your computer drives, so you can search, sort, and view your photos instantly. Easily Create Slideshows Select the files you want to see, then sit Missing: adc. WebDownloads Citrix Application Delivery Controller firmware, components, SDKs, service delivery appliances, service delivery platforms, evaluations and trial software Download .