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1971 911 owners manual pdf download

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Porsche is a German automotive company, which primarily produces sports cars and luxury cars. The headquarters is located in Stuttgart. Its founder, Ferdinand Porsche Sr. Ferdinand Porsche was born in in the family of a plumber, and, having received education, continues the work of his father. But his interest in technology extends beyond sanitary engineering, so already in he founded a design bureau in Vienna.

The first job of a young engineer - the motor-wheel for an electric car - brings him the fame of a talented designer.

As a result, in he became the chief designer of the company Austro-Daimler, where an artillery tractor with an active trailer is being designed. A year later, in the same rally, the ambitious designer took the first place. In , the company under his technical guidance began to produce cars of the highest class, and Porsche himself moved to Daimler-Benz, also to the post of chief designer.

His main occupation there is the design and improvement of new compressor engines, including for racing cars. There, it does not last long due to the financial problems of the company, and finally, being already a doctor of engineering, Ferdinand Porsche starts his own business on April 25, , creating an independent design bureau that immediately receives many orders from the founder's authority. In , Porsche invents the torsion suspension, which is used by all automakers.

In the same year he visited car factories in the USSR, but refused to take the post of chief designer of the Union, despite high incomes and privileges.

He does not give a refusal simply because immediately after returning he becomes the chief designer of Auto-Union and designs a new racing car. This car for four years puts high-speed records on European routes. In , Porsche sent a proposal to the German Ministry of Transport to create a "people's car" literally in German, "Volkswagen".

The idea is welcomed by the Nazi elite, and one of the sketches is made by the unsuccessful artist Adolf Hitler. Autumn - the time when the first prototypes of the new brand appeared on the German autobahns.

A year later a new Volkswagen plant is being organized in Stuttgart, and Porsche moves there in But with the beginning of the Second World War, the factory is being converted to the production of army cars - jeeps, amphibians, command cars. In addition, during the war, the designer worked on the design and production of the famous tanks "Tiger", "Panther" and self-propelled gun Ferdinand.

Due to participation in these developments after the war, Porsche will have to serve 22 months as a simple designer at the Renault plant. In , he returns home, but at the revived Volkswagen plant he has no place, and he follows his son to his homeland, Austria, to design his dream - racing cars. In the first of them was created - the Porsche, presented in an improved and refined form at the Paris Motor Show in In , work began on the project The car company Peugeot appealed in court the name of the model, and it is renamed in So in appears Porsche Carrera , which uses the next development of Ferdinand - the engine of water cooling.

In the late ies begins the company's triumph on high-speed rally. In , the Porsche S In , VW Porsche , which won the world title among manufacturers, is released. In , the same model triumphantly wins the next rally in Monte Carlo, and in and takes prizes in the Safari rally.

The end of the 70's and the beginning of the 80's is the time of two new models and , the middle of the 80's was marked by repeated victories in the Paris-Dakar rally and models and The nineties are coming, and Porsche is releasing a millionth car.

At the same time, Boxter is launched - a model available to a broad consumer segment, increasing the company's already high sales. In , the most famous model of the company - Carrera - was radically changed. The newly made modification gets number In the new millennium the company becomes a joint-stock company. The next cardinal modification is made, making it one of the most coveted high-speed cars in the world.

Now the company is in the stage of growth and prosperity and produces technically impeccable and high-speed cars for true connoisseurs. Autosoft Monday, 11 April Models Ford gearboxes. The books are only available in the indicated language. However, you can download various free technical dictionaries in PDF format from the renowned manual publisher Haynes.

This website only uses cookies to enable the online shop to function. They are not used to track your individual surfing behavior. More information. The Amazon trademark is used under license from Amazon. TMB Bookshop: Your specialist for motoring books for over 20 years. Production years : Does not cover the turbo engines.

This Haynes book for the Porsche European version describes with photos and step-by-step instructions maintenance, repair and overhaul of the engine distribution, belts, valves, camshaft, cylinder head, oil pump, seals and crankshaft , the cooling system, the heater, the fuel system, the exhaust, the starting and charging system.

Covers also work on the clutch, the gearbox, the driveshafts, the braking system, the suspension, the steering gear, the body, the interior and the electric system. Complete with a maintenance schedule, technical specifications, torque wrench settings and tables for troubleshooting.

Clear wiring diagrams. Haynes, P. Gasoline engines : cc, cc, cc, cc, cc and cc. Gearboxes : handgeschakeld and Sportomatic. Model years : Does not cover the turbo engines or the Carrera 4 models. Covers also work on the rest of the vehicle: the clutch, the gearbox removal and installation , the propshafts, the braking system, the suspension, the steering box, the body, the interior and the electric system. This Bucheli repair manual for the Porsche covers in detail the petrol engines removal - refitting, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, distribution, valves, oil pump, cooling, fuel system.

Covers also work on the clutch, gearbox only removal and installation , driveshafts, steering system, front and rear suspension, brakes, electrical system and the exhaust. Dozens of clear illustrations and technical drawings. Includes extensive technical data and torque wrench settings. Petrol engines : , , and cc. This manual for the first Porsche models is based on the original editions of the Revue Technique Automobile. Describes maintenance and repair of the engines, clutch, gearbox, front and rear axles, suspension, wheel hubs, brakes, steering and the electrical system.

Complete with wiring diagrams. Also includes information on the history of these cars and model changes. This maintenance and repair manual for the first Porsche models describes step-by-step work on the engine, the fuel system, the ignition and the cooling. Covers also the clutch, gearbox, rear axle, rear wheel suspension, front suspension, steering box, brakes, the electric system and the car body.

Richly illustrated with photos, drawings and exploded views. Complete with all adjustment data. Contains tables with technical specifications and torque specifications as well as wiring diagrams. This maintenance and repair manual for the Porsche , S, E, L and T sports cars from the s covers engine, fuel system, ignition, cooling, clutch, gearbox, rear axle, rear suspension, front suspension, steering gear, brakes, electric system and body.

Contains also tables with technical specifications and torque wrench settings as well as wiring diagrams. This maintenance and repair manual for the Porsche T, E, Lux, S, N, Targa and Carrera sports cars from the s covers the engine, the fuel system, the ignition, the cooling, the clutch, the gearbox, the rear axle, the rear suspension, the front suspension, the steering gear, the brakes, the electrical system and the body.

Porsche Carrera - Bucheli Reparaturanleitung Bucheli Reparaturanleitung reprint for maintenance and repair of the Porsche Carrera. This Bucheli repair manual for the Porsche Carrera sports car covers in detail the engine removal - refitting, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, distribution, valves, oil pump, cooling, fuel system.

Gasoline engines : 6 cylinders - 3. Gearbox removal and installation : clutch with cable command. This Bentley workshop manual for the Porsche SC Super Carrera sports cars US and Canadian models provides detailed instructions for work on the engines mechanical part, distribution, valves, ignition, starter, alternator and cooling system.

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